Where does the water come from

One day, the little bear was thirsty. He came to the small river and drank sweetly, and then lay down on the river beach to rest comfortably. Suddenly, he thought of something: “The water in the river runs like this every day. If it runs out one day, won’t I have no water to drink?” He was anxious and started crying.
The little deer walked here and asked, “Hey, what are you crying for?”
“I think one day, the river will run out of water, so what should I drink?” The
little deer smiled, “Let me show you. “The little deer took the little bear to walk around, and came to a very big lake. The water of the small river flows out of the lake. “Xiao Xiong, don’t you worry now?”

“But one day, the lake will run out, so what should I do?”

“Yes, what should I do when the lake is over?” Thinking about it, the deer and the bear cried together.

The goat passed by the lake and saw the little deer and the bear crying. He was very surprised: “What are you crying for?”

“You think the water in the small river flows out of the lake, and the lake will run out someday, what should I do?”

The goat laughed straight at hearing and said, “Why does it rain in the sky? When the rain falls into the lake, won’t there be more water in the lake?”

The little deer and the little bear laughed after hearing this. With a ridiculous smile, the little bear cried again. He said to the goat: “Think about it, the rain in the sky will be over someday!”

The goat stopped laughing, he poked his beard and burst into tears. The fox came and shivered with a smile after hearing what they said. He jumped into the lake with a “gudong”, then climbed ashore, lying motionless on the grass. After a while, he asked the goats: “Look, I was soaked just now, and now I am dry again. Tell me, what’s the matter?”

“Let the wind dry, and the sun will dry!”

“That’s good, but where is the water on your body?”

Goats look at me, I look at you, they can’t answer.

“Tell you, it turned into water vapor and flew into the sky. Water vapor turned into clouds, and raindrops fell from the clouds. Water in the river, the water in the lake, when exposed to the sun, will also turn into vapor. Do you think the rain will end?”

“Oh, got it, got it.” Everyone yelled happily.

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