Fairy tale with moon and stars

In the night sky, the moon is like a gleaming golden shell, and a small pearl pops out from it (bènɡ), and this pearl is a small star.

The little star pierced through the clouds playfully and said to the moon, “Are you my mother?” The moon said, “Yes, I am your mother. I gave you life, brought you here, and gave it back to you. Warmth and freedom.” Little Xingxing said: “I want to go to the Western Hemisphere and illuminate the cities over there.”

The moon said, “Go, and wish you peace.”

After a while, another small pearl popped out of the moon’s arms. He blinked (zhǎ) and said, “You are my mother, aren’t you?”

The moon said, “Yes, boy, where do you want to go?”

Little Pearl said: “I want to go to the Eastern Hemisphere and send light to the people there.”

Mother Moon said: “Good boy, go, I wish you peace.”

Little Pearl bowed her waist and jumped into the Eastern Hemisphere.

At this time, another small pearl popped out, and he said: “Mother Moon, I am going to that city, her name is Jiuquan. I want to do something for them.”

Mother Moon said: “You go too, I wish you peace.”

After a while, another small pearl popped out. She hid in the arms of Mother Moon and refused to leave. Mother Moon asked: “Where do you want to go?” Little Pearl said sternly, “I won’t go, I won’t go anywhere, I want to accompany you.”

Thousands of small pearls popped out at this time, and they said in unison: “We are not going, we are here to bring light to mankind.”

A child said: “The moon and stars have brought light, peace and hope to mankind. When I grow up, I will fly to the sky to see your heavenly home.”

This kid is me.

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