My lamb

Our family fed a lamb. It is snow-white and has no horns yet. Maybe it doesn’t know this, even though it only has a pair of ears on its head, it still wants to reach (dǐ) people. In the beginning, it even reached me, now it treats me a little better. Maybe it already knows that my name is Wittor and I belong to this family.

We love to race and climb together. The little goat jumped on the low wall, then jumped from the low wall to the top of the debris shed, and then yelled at me: “Beauty, beauty, beauty!” I can’t go there. I climbed to a big tree in the yard and shouted: “Look, how high I climbed! I won (y!ng)!” The goat said, “No, no, no!” If the puppy “Prince” “Going out for a walk, let the goats take care of the house. As soon as the other boy opened the door of our yard, the goat immediately lowered his head and rushed towards him. The little boy shouted “Help” and hurriedly ran away.

“You are a good goat!” I must praise it.

The goat nodded, indicating that I was right.

“You are also a beautiful goat.” I continued.

The goat nodded and wagged its tail. It loved to listen to praise.

“But you are also a goat that loves to reach people!” I said at last.

The goat is about to reach me, it must be trying to prove that, I am right, it likes to reach people the most.

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