Long-footed Coulter

There used to be a couple. Although they lived in the fertile land of Ireland, they had been married for more than 20 years and had no children. One morning, the husband Damed went to the wild to hunt hares. A thick layer of snow fell on the ground, and there was a thick fog in the sky, and there was nothing to see from two meters away. Although Daimd was familiar with every inch of land within a mile, he still lost his way. He wanted to go to the pine forest on the edge of the field, where there were often rabbits.
He walked and walked for several hours without finding the edge of the field. Finally, he wanted to go home, but he couldn’t find the way home. He walked exhausted and sat down to rest. Suddenly, he saw an old rabbit leaping towards him. He raised his hand to kill it. However, the rabbit jumped aside and said, “Stop, Damed! Don’t kill your friend!”
Damed was frightened and fainted. When he woke up, the black rabbit stood in front of him and said to him: “Don’t be afraid! I am not here to hurt you, but to help you. You are lost because you went to the lost post by mistake. If it weren’t for me to sympathize with you, you would be frozen to death in the snow. You know very well that you killed a lot of my kind, and they didn’t retaliate against you. Even after you did so many things that hurt us, I Do good things for you! Tell me, what is your biggest wish? Except for heaven, whatever you want, I can help you get it.”
Damed thought for a while and said, “I have been married for more than 20 years and have no children. My wife and I will have no one to retire in the future. Therefore, having a child is my wife’s greatest wish. . But I am worried that we are too old.”
“No,” said the rabbit. “From today, your wife will give birth to a son in a few months. His appearance will be unique in the world. Now, you follow me and I will take you home. From now on. No matter what happens, you can’t tell anyone that you have seen me. Besides, you have to promise me that you will never kill a rabbit again!”
“I promise you.” Damed said.
When Daimd returned home, his wife Roisa said, “Where have you been all day? Seeing you are frozen and half-starved.”
“I went to the lost post by mistake and couldn’t find my way. But I tell you, from now on, as long as I live, I won’t go to beat rabbits again.” This is really baffling!
From then on, except for the children, Damed didn’t think about anything else. When he found out that his wife was really going to give him a child, he was simply the happiest person in the world. He made people a cradle and made all preparations. The neighbors were very surprised when they saw that Roisa was pregnant, because she was already fifty years old and her body was shriveled like a seventy-year-old woman. Everyone is talking about Roisa and Damed.
Nine months later, Roiza gave birth to a young son. He was four feet long, as thin as a stick, and had two very long feet. Women, young and old, are amazed: they have never seen a newborn like this! Damud invited them to drink, and they kept complimenting the children until they drank all the wine. But afterwards, they talked badly again.
“Why is he called Little Damed?” a drunk old woman asked. “Look at me,” said another elderly woman, who should be called Coulter Koskada (slender feet)! “――”Then we will give him this name. “The first woman continued. Roisa was furious when she heard them. She called Damed and told him in a low voice that the women were secretly taunting Little Damed and he should take them away. Drive out of the house.
Damed rushed to the women to drive them away. So between Damud and the old women, there was an endless verbal abuse and quarrel that had never happened before in the land of abundance. However, the name “Long-footed Coulter” stuck to Little Damed firmly until he died.
By the time the little guy was ten years old, he was already over six feet tall. But his body was as thin as a fishing rod, and his foot was one and a half feet long from the ankle, as thin as a thumb. In all of Ireland, no hound can run as fast as his. He seldom goes out of the house because everyone always makes fun of him. At the age of twenty-one, he was already over seven and a half feet tall, but his body was not much thicker than when he was ten. He eats a lot and drinks a lot. Everyone said he was not a normal person at all. Maybe he doesn’t even have internal organs. However, in the eyes of Damed and Roisa, there is no such beautiful young man in the country as their son. They think that as long as they stop growing, he will grow thicker and fatter, and he will have more flesh. However, this situation did not appear.
One day, Colt and his father went to the peat field to dig peat. Suddenly, he saw a rabbit running in front and a ground squirrel chasing after him, and he was about to catch up. The rabbit yelled desperately. Colt ran over and caught the rabbit in front of the weasel. The weasel was furious and attacked him. The weasel spit on Colt’s eyes and blinded his right eye. Subsequently, the weasel disappeared into a pile of peat.
When Colt wrestled with the weasel, the rabbit had been hiding in Colt’s arms. After the weasel ran away, the rabbit said, “Thank you for saving my life, Coulter, but you are also in danger. The weasel is a witch. You only have one eye left, but it’s okay. You stretch out your hand. Go into my right ear and you will find a small bottle of oil. If you apply some of the oil in the bottle to your eyes, your eyes will lose sight, just like before.”
Coulter did what it said, and his eyesight was restored. The rabbit then said: “Then now you let me go. If you want to help the hunter find the rabbit, go to the rush beach on the shore of the lake. I am there. There is no hound in the world that can catch up with me. Only you A person can catch up, if you want. But don’t give me to a hound or a hunter! Also, you have to be careful tonight! The weasel will come to you if you don’t carry the male cat of Bridged’s house to the bed Put it next to you, it will bite your throat. Then you will hear its voice say: “I am the big male cat eating fat from the Bridged family.” When you hear it say it three times, Let go of the male cat so you are out of danger!”
Coulter let go of the rabbit and went home. He told his father all this. “Aha!” said his father, “that rabbit is your best friend! Follow its advice! But be careful, don’t tell your neighbors about this! lest you leave them with words!” “I’m not that stupid,” “Coulter said, “I haven’t been an unreliable person since I was born. But I also want to ask you, and I can’t tell my mother a word about this.”
In the evening, Colt went to Bridged’s house to borrow a cat. When he walked near her house, he found that a fox had stolen one of Bridged’s goose, and he hurried to catch up. Seeing that he was about to catch up, the fox dropped the goose and went into a small forest. Coulter gave the goose to Brigid and said, “The fox took it away, and I took it back.”
“Thank you,” Bridged said to him, “What’s the matter with you? You are a rare visitor!” “I would like to ask you to lend me your cat. Our dough bags were bitten by mice. “Take it away,” she said, “When will you finish catching your mouse, then return it to me.”
Colt took the cat home and put it on the bed. But he was not sleepy at all. Near midnight, he heard the song:
I’m the big male cat who eats fat in Brigold’s family
I’m the big male cat who eats fat in Brigid’s family
I’m the big male cat who eats fat in Brigid’s family
When it came to the third time, the voice was already very close to him. At this moment, the male cat suddenly jumped up and said, “You liar banshee! It’s not me, but you stole the fat!” It rushed to catch the weasel. So a fight began. No one has ever heard such fierce bites, scratches, and screams!
The fighting continued until dawn. The weasel left the battlefield and got into a hole. The skin and fur of the poor male cat were all bitten off. Coulter was about to catch it, and it said, “Apply some oil of the kind you find in bunny ears.” Coulter oiled it and healed its fur. The male cat said to him: “Now your enemy is dead.” Colt brought milk to comfort him. It drank milk and went home. Coulter used a straw broom to clean the fur and fur on the ground. But there are still blood stains on the ground. If you run out of water in the lake, I am afraid it will be difficult to wash them off!
One day, a large-scale hunting was held in the town of fertility, and a deer ran there. At that time, Coulter was working in the field and saw a deer being chased by hounds and riders, and he also chased him. A hunter said to him: “If you can drive the deer back before it crosses the river, I will give you a gold coin.” Coulter quickly caught up with the deer and drove it back. The hunter gave him a gold coin.
The deer ran toward the lake again. When the hound caught up to it, it jumped into the water and swam to the other side. The hunters chased to the shore and said, “The deer has run away. We will never find it again today. It has escaped into the woods.”
Hearing what they said, Coulter said, “I dare to use my head to bet ten pennies. I can drive the deer back before it runs into the woods. If you agree, just wait here for half a time. Hours.” “Okay,” they said, “Let’s wait for half an hour.”
So Colt exhausted all his strength to chase, and soon caught up with the deer and drove it back to the shore. The hunters were surprised when they saw it. They said that Coulter was a little monster and wanted to drive him away from the local area. But now they don’t have time to deal with Coulter. The hounds had already chased the deer, and they had to follow. The deer kept running in front of them, and finally, it ran into a small forest and disappeared. The hunters had to end the day of hunting. Coulter returned home, gave the gold coins to his father, and told him about his experience.
About a week later, Coulter went to the mud and cattle and ran into the hunters on the way. They asked him if he saw a rabbit. “No,” he replied, “but I know where the rabbits are hidden.” “Then you can help us find them,” said a hunter. “We will pay you a pair of shoes.” “I don’t need shoes,” Kao Walter said, “You can give me a pair of pants.” “Agree,” they said. “Then give it to me first,” said Coulter. “You promised to give me ten pence last week, but you didn’t give it. I was surprised to find that I am not a fool either!”
So they gave him money to buy pants. He walked to the rush grass beach by the lake and found the rabbit. The hounds and hunters chased the rabbit, but they couldn’t catch up. On the sixth day, they told Coulter that he was a magician, and that they were driven out by a rabbit that had been enchanted. Coulter said: “If you think so, find one by yourself.” The hunters were so angry that they wanted to catch him, but he was too agile and they couldn’t catch him. They followed him and chased him all the way to his house, asking his parents to hand him over. “Coulter, what’s the matter with you?” Father asked the hunter. “He is a little monster,” they said.
Roisa heard it, and ran over quickly, assuring them that her son was by no means a monster. But no matter what she said, it was useless. They yelled that if Colt didn’t come out, they would burn the house. When Colt heard that they were going to burn the house, he rushed out of the house and knocked them to the ground with a shovel.
On that day, Coulter went to the peat field and planned to dig a basket of peat. There he ran into the rabbit, and the rabbit said to him: “Listen, Colt, there is a group of robbers who are going to burn your house along with you and your parents tonight. But then I will show them The fog was so full that they lost their way. They couldn’t find their way to your home, nor could they find their way back to their own home, so they kept going to dawn.”
In the evening, the robber’s secret order passed from one to the other: several people who went to burn the Daemd’s house met at the crossroads before midnight. They gathered about twenty people and walked towards Damed’s house. But they couldn’t find it. They want to go back, but they can’t find their home. When the dawn appeared in the sky, they realized that they had turned around all night and returned to the crossroad where they started. From that night on, they never dared to trouble Colt and his parents.
One day, Damud was digging for coal in a peat field, and the old black rabbit he encountered when he got lost twenty years ago appeared again. “Hey,” it said, “I’ll let you know that you and your wife’s life is almost over. If you have any funeral arrangements, do it quickly. You can only live for a week at most! “What about Coulter?” Deimed asked. “Don’t worry about Colt,” said the rabbit. “He is my offspring, and I will take him to my side. Believe me-he must be happier living in his neighbors! Well, you don’t have to keep secrets anymore.”
Damed moved to the house in a very sad mood. On the way, he met his nephew and told him the story from beginning to end. “It’s true. If you tell anyone about this, your family will lose face, and we won’t even be able to find anyone who buried you.” “Except for Roisa and the pastor, I will never tell anyone else.” People.” Damed said. Back home, he told Roisa about it. Just after speaking, Roisa coughed suddenly and died of suffocation in a short while. Damed and Coulter buried her. That weekend, Damed also passed away. At night, after he was buried, Colt left. Since then, no one has heard from him again.
Daimd’s nephew did not keep a secret; soon the story spread word of mouth, spread across the country, and spread all over the world, just like I just told you.

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