Car Story: The Green Monster

The woods after the rain are the most fun, everyone knows this.

As soon as the rain stopped, the bus loaf came to the woods. She hit a tree lightly, and the raindrops on the leaves fell on her forehead, cool. Then, the loaf hugged the tree and shook it vigorously, and then quickly flashed aside, the raindrops crackled and fell down, which was really fun.

After the loaf shook one tree, she shook another, and she made light rain after another.

Da Bread had forgotten the time, and when she found out, it was already dark.

The woods were dark, and the loaf was terrified. She looked around in panic, shaking her whole body.

Big Bread thought: “Maybe the monster is hiding in the dark, behind a certain tree. Maybe it’s already hungry, and it’s about to find someone who stays alone in the woods to eat.”

The loaf was so scared that it got into the pile of leaves and covered it with leaves, hoping that the monster would not find itself.

Salad Salad…Listen, the footsteps of the monsters.

Kaka Kaka Kaka…It seems to be the cry of a monster.

Gulugulu… The monster’s stomach is hungry.

No, the monster is coming to find something to eat. The heart of Big Bread plopped and throbbed, she closed her eyes tightly, and ran out of the woods desperately.

After running for a while, the loaf suddenly collided with an oncoming object. She opened one eye and looked at it. It turned out that it was a crane with a long nose. He also came to play in the woods.

“Hi, you…” The long nose stared at the big bread with wide eyes, and his mouth opened wide.

Big Bread didn’t have time to say hello to the long nose. In case the monster catches up, she will continue to run forward, lowering her head.

Only after running out of the woods, the loaf hit the sprinkler again.

Huo screamed at the loaf, before he said a word, the loaf ran away like a smoke.

It’s not that Da Bread doesn’t want to worry about it, but she is too scared, she wants to run home quickly and hide in the bed.

When approaching home, Big Bread ran into Jeep Aji.

“Oh my God!” Aji pointed at the loaf, speechless.

Aji looked like he saw a monster. Da Bread just breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly became nervous again. She didn’t care about talking to Aji and ran away.

Da Bread kept running home, and she closed the door and window tightly, finally not so scared.

The next day, Big Bread looked for the long nose of the crane and the sprinkler to play with Aji, but he heard that they were talking about monsters.

“You know what, I ran into a green monster in the woods yesterday. It looks really scary.” Long Nose said.

“Yes, I also met.” Huhua said, “The green monster has leaves and branches growing on it, and it looks fierce.”

Aji added: “It should be the same green monster that you and I met. Not only does it look terrifying, it also runs so fast that it disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

After listening to Long Nose, Buzz, and Aji’s comments, Da Bread felt a little hairy in his heart.

Big Bread thought, “Sure enough, there is a green monster living in the woods, but luckily I didn’t meet it!”

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