Magic show in the sky

Father Sun had already climbed the top of the mountain and shone into the yard before the sika deer got up. The sika deer made a birthday cake last night and did not rest until late.

“It’s another good weather! Today is my birthday. I want to call my friends and come to my house for dinner.” Sika deer thought.

“Sika deer, today is your birthday, we want to give you a special birthday gift. Please come with me!” The little flower dog ran into the sika deer’s house.

What kind of birthday gift do you guys give me? Sika deer thought in his heart, and ran out of the house with the little flower dog.

“Sika deer, sit here! The magic show in the sky is about to begin!” The little flower dog took him to a meadow.

When he heard of a magic show, the sika deer immediately became energetic. He liked watching magic shows the most.

The animal friends have already ran out of the house and came to this meadow.

“Where is the magic show in the sky?”

“Who is going to perform magic tricks?”

“Isn’t it the eagle performing magic tricks for everyone in the air?”

Everyone was talking and talking.

“Please be quiet, everyone! The magic show in the sky has begun! Baiyun is going to perform wonderful magic for us. This is our birthday gift to the sika deer.” The enthusiastic little flower dog said to everyone.

When everyone looked up, there was a white cloud floating in the sky, just like a tall mountain.

“Wow! The clouds have turned into mountains.” The little squirrel shouted excitedly.

After a while, the mountain turned into a mighty lion, standing in the sky.

“Wow! Dashan turned into a lion.” Sika deer exclaimed excitedly.

Before long, the lion became a running horse.

“Wow! The lion has become a running horse.” The little flower dog barked happily.

In the blink of an eye, the white cloud turned into a galloping horse, and slowly turned into a dinosaur with a long tail, as if it could jump from the sky at any time.

In the end, this group of changing clouds was blown away by the wind and turned into strands of clouds, slowly drifting towards the sky.

“No! The white clouds are going away! The white clouds are going away!” the sika deer yelled anxiously, and he wanted to watch the magic show for a while!

“It doesn’t matter, everyone, look carefully, another cloud floats over the mountain. It will also become magical.” Little Flower Dog said.

Sure enough, just like what the little flower dog said, this white cloud then performed magic for everyone.

This is the most memorable birthday gift the sika deer has received when it grows so big.

Knowledge card The clouds in the sky are really wonderful, like a mountain for a while, a lion for a while, and a horse for a while…floating around and changing. This is because the sun, air, water and wind play a role in it. Under the action of sunlight, air and water, all kinds of clouds are formed. The unevenly hot and cold air produces wind. The wind wanders around, the clouds are blown by the wind and run everywhere, and the shape also changes. The various clouds we saw.

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