Magic tree

On a piece of grass, there lived a group of small animals and a magical tree.

One day, the little animals came to the big tree and played hide-and-seek. Susie the lamb hid in the grass, and unexpectedly there was a hole in it. Susie fell into the hole all of a sudden. “Ah~” Susie screamed in pain. Other small animals heard the calls and ran over.

“Suzi, why did you fall into the hole?” Peppa Pig asked. Susie replied: “I, I don’t know, you save me up, it’s so dark here, I’m so scared.”

The little animals tried various methods, but they failed to rescue Susie. The little monkey Maomao sighed and said, “It would be good if Susie could be allowed to come up.” At this time, the tree heard what Mao Mao said and replied: “I can fulfill your wish!” Mao Mao heard it, turned his head and saw The tall tree is talking. Maomao said in surprise: “The tree is talking!” The little animals heard Maomao’s voice and all ran over.

“The tree has spoken!” Maomao and Page said. At this time, the tree said again: “I can fulfill your wish!” The puppy Wangwang asked: “Can you really realize our wish?” The tree said, “Really.” Everyone listened. They said together: “We want to save Susie up!” I saw the big tree sticking out a branch and rescued Susie. “Thank you!” everyone said. The tree said: “You are welcome, you can find me if you have any wishes in the future, and I will help you realize your wishes.”

The next day, the little animals all came to the big tree and said their wishes one after another, and the big tree fulfilled their wishes one by one. Since then, the little animals have lived a happy life.

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