Unlucky and lucky little mouse

The little mouse made trouble, his mother told him, the little mouse was angry and ran away from home.

After walking for a long time, the little mouse was so hungry that he was croaking. He thought of his mother and the delicious meals made by his mother. But the little mouse was walking and playing along the way without paying attention to the signs on the road. He couldn’t find his way home.

The little mouse is so hungry! When the little mouse was looking for something to fill his stomach, he suddenly found a small shop in front of him. There is no one in the small shop, but it makes the little mouse happy.

This is a pharmacy managed by Aunt Squirrel alone. Aunt Squirrel sent a rheumatic plaster to Grandpa Squirrel, so there was no one in the shop. The little mouse sneaked into the store and found that it was a drugstore with nothing to eat. He was extremely disappointed. Suddenly, the little mouse stumbled on a small box containing ten thousand essential oils. Cang Dang! The small box fell to the ground, the magic oil in the box scattered all over the floor, and some magic oil caps also fell over. When the little mouse saw the box full of oil, he thought it was lard! He licked immediately.

“Damn! What’s this? It’s so spicy!” The little mouse raised his hand and wiped his mouth. It was not clean, and tears came out of his eyes. The little mouse wiped his eyes with his hands again, and the little mouse was miserable now, his eyes were so painful that they couldn’t open them. The little mouse was rolling on the ground in pain. Gu Lulu rolled out of the shop and burst into tears.

“Mom, mom, where are you! I’m so unlucky! Come and save me!” Mom didn’t hear the little mouse crying, but a little cloud in the sky heard the little mouse calling for help.

Xiao Yunduo saw the little mouse rolling his eyes outside the shop, and thought, this guy must have eaten the panacea from the drugstore and got it in his eyes. Although it is not good for him to steal things, and to blame the poor, I should help him quickly.

Xiao Yunduo hurried down towards the ground. Running into the air, the little cloud turned into a string of little raindrops. One drop, one drop, another drop, a little raindrop dripped into the little mouse’s eyes, slowly washing away the Fengyoujing in the little mouse’s eyes. The little mouse can finally open his eyes.

“Thank you, little raindrop.” The little mouse said gratefully when he saw the little raindrops flowing on the ground.

“No thanks, go home quickly! Follow the road ahead, keep going forward, then turn left, then turn right, turn left again, keep going forward, there is a small Bridge, your mother is looking at you on the bridge.”

With that, the little raindrop flew up, flying into the air, and she slowly turned into a beautiful little cloud.

Xiao Yunduo continued to fly towards the sky. He picked a leaf and wrote to the little mouse while flying. After finishing writing, Little Mouse gave the letter to Aunt Feng, asked Aunt Feng to catch up with Little Mouse, and the letter must be handed to Little Mouse.

“Little Mouse, in the future, don’t run away from home at all times, and don’t steal other people’s things again.” The little mouse read Xiao Yunduo’s letter, and tears were so excited. I thought to myself, although I was a hapless little mouse, I was also a lucky little mouse when I encountered a kind little cloud. From now on, I will never run away from home or steal other people’s things.

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