Jet wooden cart

Hippo and mouse are good friends. One day, the hippopotamus suddenly became ill, lying on the bed, looking painful, motionless, very uncomfortable.

The enthusiastic little mouse A Cong found out and hurried to see the hippopotamus at Hippo’s house. “Ah! You have a fever, go to the hospital as soon as possible!” A Cong touched Hippo’s head and said anxiously. Hippo said: “Oh! I can’t walk!” A Cong said, “Then, I’ll call someone to help!”

“Here, here comes!” A Cong led the members of the mouse family, dragging a flatbed cart to rush.

“Hey! Hey!” The mice struggled to push the big hippo into the car.

The hippo in the car sighed and said, “If you can’t, don’t go!” “No, you must go!” A Cong said decisively.

The mice are pushing the cart, so hard! A Cong turned his eyes around and came up with a coup. He said to the mice: “You all get on the cart! I have my own way to make the cart run.” The mice sat on the cart dubiously. A Cong threw his slender and long tail into the hippo’s big nostrils and fiddled with it. The hippo sneezed several times one after another, pushing the cart and rushing out.

After a while, the pallet truck became slower and slower and gradually stopped. A Cong used his tail ɑ to scratch the hippo’s nostrils again, so a bigger sneeze sounded, and the cart rushed out again. “Haha! A jet-scooter! A jet-scooter!” The hippo quickly arrived at the hospital as soon as it rushed and stopped.

After the hippopotamus arrived in the hospital, under the treatment of the doctor, he quickly recovered his health and was able to play with the mice again. They are enjoying themselves on the grass, not to mention how happy they are.

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