Rat in Villa Rose

The old lady Qiangwei lives alone in a villa on the outskirts of the city. She rarely speaks. She once adopted a snail, a bird, a dog and a young man… But they just healed their wounds in the villa and then left. , Never came back.

One winter, Miss Qiang Wei adopted a mouse. Mouse’s name is Ban Mi, and his biggest hobby is to move other people’s rice. Therefore, he is an unwelcome mouse who has been wandering for many years. In order to end this life, he dragged his suitcase and knocked on the door of Qiangwei Villa.

Ms. Qiangwei looked at the mouse’s dilapidated suitcase. One of the four pulleys of the suitcase was missing. It seemed that it could not stand the drag. So, Ms. Qiangwei said: “If you promise not to bite my wooden fence or bite Broke my curtains, I agree with you to live here.”

Ban Mi promised that he would not bite the wooden fence and curtains. If his teeth were itchy, he could find some sorghum stalks outside the house to chew.

Miss Qiang Wei thinks that Ban Mi will live at least until next spring, so she prepared enough bread and jam for the whole winter. When she and Ban Mi were sitting face to face at the dining table, she was very happy to have a partner this winter.

Ban Mi arranged his room in the cellar, which was his own choice. Despite this, his friends in the wild still call him Banh Mi who lives in the villa.

In the spring, Ban Mi didn’t want to leave the cellar anymore. He liked the bottles and cans there too much. He brought back other people’s rice and put them in those jars. He also made rice wine in bottles. He no longer sits at the dinner table with Miss Qiang Wei, he prefers to get drunk in the cellar.

Until one time, Miss Qiangwei came to the cellar to fetch jam and found that Ban Mi was lying upright beside the stairs of the cellar, motionless. Miss Qiangwei shook her head and said, “Oh, poor Banh Mi, it’s been a long time since I saw you, but I know you have always lived here, even though you have some shortcomings, I will not throw you out to feed the cat, I will Bury you well.”

Miss Qiang Wei dug a small pit under a cluster of pure white roses, and then carried Ban Mi’s long tail, ready to bury him here. At this time, Ban Mi woke up, and he saw Miss Qiang Wei’s tearful eyes. Ban Mi was stunned. He never thought that someone would shed tears over the death of a mouse.

Ban Mi decided to change his lifestyle, he wanted to accompany Miss Qiang Wei well.

However, the black cat Pyla suddenly appeared. As a cat, Pyla’s biggest shortcoming is that he can’t walk lightly. Because of this, he has never caught a mouse in his entire life.

He said to Miss Qiang Wei: “I am a cat of inactivity. Now that I am old, no one wants to take me in. Please keep me.”

Miss Qiang Wei said: “I understand you, but I already live with a mouse here. I don’t want war in my villa every day.”

Pila was very angry. He began to lose his temper. In the middle of the night, he was walking loudly on the roof of the villa, and he let the tall figure project on the floor of the villa along the moonlight. But the most frightening thing in the dark is loneliness, and Miss Qiangwei doesn’t care about these actions of Pila.

Pila sprinted around the fence of the villa, beating rose petals all over the sky. Pyla hurt his paw when he slapped the rose flower.

Miss Qiang Wei hugged Pila into the villa, took out the white gauze, and wrapped up his injured four black paws layer by layer.

Ban Mi started packing his suitcase at this time. He said to Miss Qiang Wei: “I am going to wander again. After I am gone, you let Pila live in. He is more suitable for you than me.”

Banh Mi stretched out his hand, he wore a pair of small white gloves, and pulled Pyla’s gauze-wrapped paws. Then he left the Qiangwei Villa.

Many years later, Ban Mi passed through many places. The rice wine he brewed often made cats drunk, but he had never been drunk again. He missed Miss Qiangwei, and he was suddenly worried that black cats, like snails, birds, and dogs, left the Qiangwei Villa after they had taken care of their injuries.

He returned to the Rose Villa anxiously, and saw the loud black cat Pira sitting quietly under the rose flower, petals falling on the black cat, but the black cat remained motionless.

Pila, this cat who has never caught a mouse looked at Banh Mi, tears in his eyes.

Seeing the last petal of Rose Flower fell, Ban Mi knew that he would never see Miss Rose again.

He, the mouse Banh Mi, who has been wandering for a long time, also sat quietly beside the rose blossom, crying, just like Miss Qiangwei weeped for him many years ago.

Won the 21st Chen Bochui Children’s Literature Award

A story about tolerance

Miss Qiangwei has adopted snails, birds, dogs, young men, cats and mice. She adopted them and gave them the same love, whether they are weak, ugly, or poor…

Most of the love she gave was unrequited. She didn’t think about repaying, because her love contained tolerance, her tolerance of mice’s shortcomings, tolerance of cats’ mischief, and finally she moved the cat and the mouse to let them know that they should be tolerant of each other. This should be the best return to Miss Qiang Wei.

The Rose Villa is a mysterious villa. You can’t find it on the map. It stands in the sunshine and the fragrance of flowers, and it exists in every beautiful heart.

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