Little bear watching tv

Once upon a time, a happy and lively little bear lived in the forest, and he lived a carefree life. The forest is lush and lush, with birds and flowers, everything is so beautiful.

One day, a group of strangers broke into the little bear’s home with knives and saws…The little bear lost the big forest and jumped into a big garden. The good guy put a TV there, colorful TV shows, and the little bear was attracted all of a sudden.

On the first day, Bear watched TV for eight hours, his eyes puffed up like walnuts. Five days later, Little Bear watched TV for ten hours a day, and his eyes were dull. After another five days, Xiao Xiong’s daily TV time increased to more than twelve hours, his eyes were dim, and everything he saw was confused.

The bear was anxious, so he hurried to find Uncle Owl. Uncle Owl gave him a pair of 100-degree myopia glasses.

Uncle Owl advised Little Bear: “Little Bear, Little Bear, you are short-sighted, you can’t watch TV anymore!”

Little Bear said nonchalantly: “It’s just a little bit, it doesn’t matter!”

Little Bear watched TV harder.

The air in the big forest is no longer as fresh as it used to be. Little Bear is busy watching TV and can’t care about what to eat, and Little Bear’s eyes are getting more and more swollen. Gradually, Xiao Xiong’s eyes were blurred, even though Uncle Owl put 1000 degree glasses on it, it was still to no avail.

The friends of the Great Forest call it “Blind Bear”. At this time, the bear was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, seeking medical advice everywhere.

It found the kitten, and the kitten told him: “I watch TV all the time, I am short-sighted!”

It found the little goat, and the little goat said to it: “The sitting posture is too bad, and the eyes will be dizzy!”

It found the puppy, and the puppy shook his head: “Partial eclipse, partial eclipse, no cure, no cure!”

It found Aunt Giraffe, and Aunt Giraffe sighed: “The eyes are hypoxic, there is no prescription!” No way, the little bear had to bite the bullet and ask for help from Uncle Owl. Uncle Owl blinked and pointed to the distant forest and said to the little bear: “You Go over the mountain after mountain in front and try it out in the big forest. Maybe there is a panacea that can cure your eyes!”

The little bear walked away from the garden and the TV into the big forest. Go, look for it! Find and go! When he is bored, the bear takes a breath of fresh air; when he is thirsty, he drinks a sip of spring water; when he is hungry, he picks some wild fruits to satisfy his hunger; when he is tired, he lie down and admire the exotic flowers and plants, mountains and rivers. Can’t tell how much time has passed, but the bear still has not found a panacea for myopia. But Xiao Xiong’s eyes brightened day by day, and finally one day, his eyes were radiant again.

Kids, have you found this panacea?

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