Not enough fingers

As soon as December entered, the little squirrel was very excited. “The new year is about to begin, and you can eat fresh food when you come back in spring.” Yes, he has been gnawing on the dried fruits for a long time, and he has long missed the green branches and leaves.

“Huh, don’t be too happy, the new year is still early, and there is no news yet in spring.” The little rabbit has eaten enough hay, but he knows that the days are still long.

The little squirrel was upset. He broke his fingers and said, “Today on the 5th, there are 1, 2, 3…9, 10, oh, my fingers are not enough. Quickly, let me borrow yours. .”

The little rabbit stretched out his hands reluctantly: “Well, I will lend you. 11, 12, 13…19, 20, it’s broken, and I ran out of fingers. What should I do?”

“Hurry up, add your toes.” The little squirrel said to the little rabbit.

“It’s really troublesome. I have to take off my shoes. Can’t you have more fingers?” the little rabbit muttered (dū nɑng), and began to unlace his shoes.

The little squirrel was pleased with anger: “How many fingers are there? One more is not normal.”

The little rabbit stretched out her feet, and the little squirrel continued to count: “21, 22…25, change feet! 26, it’s only 26 days away, and it’s the New Year.”

“Fortunately, you only counted for twenty days. If you count for a year or a half, where do you find so many fingers and toes?” The little rabbit laughed.

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