Just want to lie on the bed fish

When it was time for work, Mr. Big Herring did not move. He was still lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze. Although he can’t sleep, he doesn’t want to leave the bed. For him, there is nothing more comfortable than lying in bed.

Mr. Big Herring is actually a bit thirsty, he doesn’t want to move, he doesn’t bother to get out of bed. “It would be nice if the bed could be opened everywhere like a boat.” He thought. Strangely, the bed really moved and opened to the water glass. Mr. Big Herring grabbed the cup and drank several sips of water, really happy.

He opened the bed, spinning around in the house and in the water, without even swinging his tail, he went wherever he wanted.

Mr. Big Herring went from the lake to the sea, I don’t know how many times he walked around, and he was very addicted. He was a little dissatisfied again: “It would be great if the bed could be opened in the city like a car.”

Hey, wheels sprouted under the bed and it became a car bed. In the blink of an eye, Mr. Big Herring was already on the road in the city. He didn’t need to avoid the busy streets and crowded people. This car bed would meet stitches, dodge left and right, and was more flexible than anyone else’s car.

Mr. Big Herring laughed triumphantly on the bed. On the highway, he even surpassed all the vehicles. He turned his head, waved to the car behind him, and shouted: “Your car is not as fast as my bed, so let’s chase it slowly.” Mr. Big Herring’s scarf was flying in the wind.

There was a rumbling noise in the air, the plane was passing overhead, and disappeared in an instant, leaving only a white smoke as if laughing at Mr. Herring’s bed. Mr. Big Herring did not want to fall behind. He said to the bed, “It becomes an airplane, and we will chase it.”

The bed grew wings, but it didn’t start because there was not much fuel. Mr. Big Herring was anxious: “Quick, quick, go chasing the plane, I don’t care so much, I want to go to the sky.” The bed flapped its wings and set off. They flew higher and higher, and the scenery on the ground became smaller. Mr. Big Herring is still dissatisfied: “Higher, higher, I want to pick white clouds, I want to touch the sun.”

The bed continued to rise, and Mr. Big Herring finally caught the white cloud. The blue sky is just like the blue sea, making Mr. Big Herring very comfortable.

The sun is going down, Mr. Big Herring still doesn’t want to go back, he wants to pick some stars to take home. But the bed ran out of energy and started to fall down quickly.

Mr. Big Herring was so scared and yelling, it was useless, the plane bed could not stop, the wind was blowing in his ears, the mountains below got bigger and bigger, getting closer and closer, and finally, with a “boom”, the bed landed. It’s on the top of the mountain. But before Mr. Big Herring got up, the bed began to slide again.

This bed has been sliding down the hillside, Mr. Big Herring is anxious, don’t run into big rocks, don’t throw me into fish cakes, don’t let me hang on the tree… Hey, after thinking about it, he thinks It’s better to go back to the water.

He yelled regretfully: “Let me go back to the bottom, I like it there, like my job, like the way I wear work clothes…”

The bed was still very obedient. It slid directly into the water. Only here did Mr. Big Herring feel safe. However, remember to get up on time.

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