The story of the clouds

All clouds will be deformed. Some clouds can only make a few simple changes, such as becoming a sheep or a lion; some clouds can transform themselves into dozens or hundreds of forms.

The cloud in our story is very remarkable in this respect, as long as it is willing, it can turn itself into any kind of appearance.

Moreover, no matter what it becomes, it looks so happy. Because it is a happy cloud by nature. That’s right, even if it turns itself into an ordinary sofa, the sofa looks like it is laughing.

It has only one distress: no human child loves its performance. It floats up and down in the sky every day, changing its appearance in almost a minute. However, no child has ever looked up at it. The children seem to be very busy. Every day they lower their heads to write, count, play, and paint, and no one has the time to look up at the clouds in the sky. It wished for a child to look up at it.

Finally one day, Yun suddenly felt a strange and warm feeling. It knew that this was because a child’s eyes fell on it.

It was a little boy with white skin, dark eyes and very sad. He was lying on the grass with his head resting on his arm, his eyes staring at the cloud unblinkingly.

Yun really likes this little boy. It no longer floats around, but stops above the little boy, performing all its tricks vigorously. It hopes it can make the little boy laugh.

But for some reason, the little boy did not laugh. His eyes are so dark and sad.

Yun thinks that he did not perform well enough. So it performed more vigorously, performing all its tricks.

The little boy still didn’t laugh. He just smiled slightly. His eyes are so dark and sad.

Yun understood: This little boy has encountered sad things in his life.

Yun really likes little boys. It decided to help him. While the little boy was asleep, Yun turned himself into a cloud of mist and got into the little boy’s body. The little boy woke up and suddenly felt that everything was different. He has forgotten all the sad things. He felt like he was so light and so happy that he was about to fly. He didn’t know at all, a happy cloud got into his body.

The little boy giggled and rushed to his friends. He became so happy that he was not discouraged no matter what happened. His friends liked him so much. But they didn’t know at all, a happy cloud got into his body.

The little boy became very good at acting. When he grew up, he became a famous comedian. Everyone liked his performance, but nobody knew that a happy cloud with acting genius got into his body.

The little boy became a caring person. He distributed his love to all people. But he didn’t know at all, a happy cloud with all its love stayed in his body forever.

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