Confidence is golden

Once upon a time, there was a pigeon.

The whole body of this pigeon is white, only the head is gray. Therefore, other white pigeons call it “grey head”. Although there are some differences between grey-headed and white pigeons, they still become good friends (they can still talk). Sometimes Greyhead is a little ashamed: it looks different from other pigeons.

One day, Huitou, who lives on the beach, said to its partner: “I want to go to play in the remote forest.” Oh my God, it takes two days and two nights to fly from the beach to the forest! The comrades were taken aback when they heard this, and said, “Huitou, do you really want to go? It will take two days and two nights to fly!” “I have already decided!” Huitou said firmly. The partners don’t need to say much, they all prepared food for it, and bid farewell to it.

After a long journey of two days and two nights, Huitou finally arrived in the forest it dreamed of.

“Ah! How beautiful the forest is! The green leaves cover the sky and the earth is lush.” ​​Huitou praised this beautiful forest, flying there, enjoying the beautiful scenery. However, the good times didn’t last long-with a “pop”, an arrow had already been shot on Greyhead’s body. Huitou screamed. Fortunately, it fell between the branches and did not fall to the ground. Otherwise, it would have fallen into the hands of the hunter. Besides, the hunter was very angry when he saw that the pigeon had not fallen off, so he had to leave.

Grey head was wounded. It can only jump under the tree and walk limping. After walking for a long time, it saw a small wooden house in the woods in which an old grandfather lived. Grandpa saw a pigeon injured in front of the door, so he picked it up and went into the house to treat it. Huitou thanked the kind old man very much and said: “Thank you!” The old man was taken aback and thought: This pigeon has actually spoken, let me chat with him! So, the grandfather chatted with Huitou: “Do you have a name?” “My name is Huitou, because I look different from other pigeons, so I feel ashamed.” Grandpa said: “Confidence is the most important thing.” Importantly, you have to be confident. It doesn’t matter if you look different, as long as your partner is still friends with you.” Huitou is very grateful.

After Huitou’s wound healed, he flew back to the beach. Since then, it is full of self-confidence in itself, and it understands that self-confidence is golden.

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