Two boots of hunter old wolf

The little gray wolf is very smart, and everyone calls him a gray wolf elf.

The gray wolf elf has an uncle, who is known as the big and small eye wolf. This is a wolf who likes to hunt. He calls himself “the hunter old wolf”. He has a pair of boots worn by hunters and a shiny shotgun.

Whenever they put on their boots and go hunting, the big and small-eyed wolf always keeps its face close to the gun barrel, opens one eye, and closes the other eye to aim at the prey-banging the gun.

After such a long time, his eyes became larger and the other smaller, and everyone called him a wolf with big eyes.

On this day, the big-eyed wolf wanted to go out hunting again, and the gray wolf elf said to him:

“Uncle, stop hunting, look how many birds you killed. The birds are very poor!”

The big-eyed wolf said: “Don’t talk nonsense, you forgot the good taste of the bird. Besides, how can a hunter not hunt?”

With that said, the big-eyed wolf took out his hunter’s boots and placed it in front of the door, and he went to the inner room to get a shotgun.

The big-eyed wolf brought the shotgun, and as soon as he put his right foot into the boot, he said, “What is my foot?” He overturned the boot and poured a bird out of it.

The bird did not fly, but stopped on his hand.

“What a beautiful bird.” He glanced at it and said, “It’s a pity it’s a toy bird.”

“I also said that the bird is beautiful.” The gray wolf elf said, “How many bird sisters, bird brothers, bird mothers, and bird fathers have been killed by you. It is so pitiful for a bird who has lost a loved one!”

“That’s true, these beautiful birds are very pitiful!”

“Then stop beating the birds and let them fly freely!” “No.” said the wolf with big eyes, “I can’t forget the deliciousness of the birds.”

The wolf put his right foot into the boot again: “Why, there is something wrong again!”

He tipped his boots, and a beautiful flower rolled out of it.

“What a beautiful flower.” The wolf smelled the flower. “It has no fragrance, it’s a fake flower!”

“Of course it’s a fake flower,” said the gray wolf elf. “The real flowers have caused the hunter’s boots to step on. Besides, the real flowers can’t hear the joyous singing of the birds, they hang their heads, and they can’t smell. NS!”

“Is that right?”

“Of course it is! When your gunshots sounded, not only the birds and flowers, but everyone was worried. The bullet does not have eyes, and it may fly to whose head.”

“Do you do the same?”

“The same is true for me, because you hunt and others follow you, and bullets fly everywhere in the forest!”

The big-eyed wolf was touched by the gray wolf elf’s words. He didn’t want the forest to be without the singing of the birds, the flowers drooping his head, and everyone was afraid… He put away his hunter’s boots and shotgun.

The gray wolf elf was happy. He took his uncle to the forest, listened to the singing of the birds and watched the flowers bloom.

I heard that after throwing away the hunter’s boots and shotgun, the wolf’s eyes are no longer one big and the other small. Whenever he thought of this, he would say loudly to the little wolf:

“You, what a kind little elf!”

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