The first person to visit the house

Mr. Xiong has lived here for twelve years.

He was really tired of living, he began to hate this cabin and wanted to change to a new one.

His good friend, Mr. Raccoon, is the editor-in-chief of “Forest”. Mr. Xiong called Mr. Raccoon and said, “Mr. Raccoon, please help me to post in the newspaper. I want to change the house. You know my house well. Please write me an introduction. I think someone will be willing. Change my house.”

After a while, the phone rang, and Mr. Raccoon read the manuscript to Mr. Xiong: “There is a small wooden house for Mr. Xiong, surrounded by birch trees, there is a turmoil singing in front of the house, and purple clouds behind the house. English is open, there are forest trails for walking, green grass for running, the sweetest fresh air when you open the windows, and the blue sky and white clouds can be seen on the balcony. If you are willing to change houses, please contact us.”

After hearing the last sentence, Mr. Xiong said: “Mr. Raccoon, please wait a moment!” He ran out of the house and walked around, and came back and said to the phone: “Mr. Raccoon, your introduction is very well written. I am the first one. Those who visit the house, I am very satisfied with this small wooden house. I have lived here for twelve years. I have never found it so beautiful and so cute. I want to live here for twelve years. Thank you very much. is you.”

Mr. Xiong went on to say: “Mr. Raccoon, please come to me after get off work. Let us have a cup of tea on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful sunset and scenery here.”

Mr. Xiong hung up the phone, he opened the window, looked outside and said, “A fool is willing to leave here!”

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