Little pig with a big love heart

In the morning, Downey’s phone rang. It was Downey’s friend who called, and he asked Downey if he wanted a piggy.

For a year, Downey was helpless with the agoraphobia suffered by his wife Betty (dì). This strange disease manifests itself as fear of going to public places and fear of crowds. Downey said to Betty, “It might be good for you to have a different pet.”
Can a piglet really treat mental stress? Betty agreed half-believingly.

Two hours later, the friend sent the piggy. When he came to his new home, the little pig first looked around (quān), and then ran to Betty. It leaned its head on Betty’s shoulder, and the pink pig’s mouth made a violent kiss on Betty’s cheek (jiá). Betty laughed loudly. Downey hasn’t seen his wife smile so happily for a long time, “Let’s call it Pigg.” Downey said.

Soon after, neighbors came to watch Pigg. Before, when people got together, Betty would get nervous. But when she found that they were completely attracted by Piguet and didn’t pay attention to her, she started to like this kind of party.

With Pige’s company, Betty gradually recovered her previous self. Seeing her improvement, Betty’s father suggested that she take Pigeon to a party for the elderly. Betty opposed this idea. “I look very stupid, don’t I? An adult woman drags a piglet.”

But the next day, Downey brought a stroller back. “It’s a piggy cart. With it, you can take Pigg to a party for the elderly.”

On the day of the old people’s gathering, when they saw Piglet, the old people gathered around and petted, “What a cute pig!” At the same time, they also asked Betty curiously.

At first, Betty stammered, but then she talked endlessly. She praised Piguet as a handsome pig. Pigg raised his head immediately, showing great pride. The old people couldn’t help laughing. Everyone (cù) hugs Pigeon, just like a big star.

Gradually, Betty’s condition got better. In a year, Betty and Pigg appeared in public 95 times. She behaves generously, warmly and thoughtfully on every occasion.

One day in July, Betty went to the backyard to find Pigeon. “This guy must be asleep again.” Betty smiled. Sure enough, Betty found Pigeon in the shade under the tree. However, instead of falling asleep, Pigeon stopped breathing.

Betty felt a panic, and she burst into tears. At this point, Betty knew that she would no longer be afraid of going to public by herself, and would no longer be afraid of facing everyone alone.

Pigger died of a pulmonary aneurysm (liú). But about the death of Piglet, Betty has a set of own opinions. “I think Piglet has a big heart of love, and it carries too much love in its heart. It helped me find my previous self, and it also illuminates many other lives. There will never be another Pigeon. Up.”

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