The secret of the gray rabbit winning

There are more than 500 rabbits living in the rabbit village. They make a living by growing carrots.

This year is another bumper year. For this reason, the White Rabbit village chief, as in previous years, gathered all the rabbits and held a jubilant celebration meeting.

At the end of the conference, they held a lottery as usual (ɡuàn lì): the prize is a carrot brought by each rabbit, and these carrots have been stacked together-whoever wins the prize can take away all the carrots. .

Before the start of the lottery, everyone put the notes with their names in the lottery box (xiānɡ) one by one.

The White Rabbit village chief was the last to put the note into the lottery box. This time, instead of writing his name on the slip of paper as before, it wrote the name of the gray rabbit. Because the gray rabbit had a serious illness, the harvest this year was not as good as in previous years, and it had to raise it. Two underage children. Although many rabbits said they wanted to donate gray rabbits, they were all rejected by it (wǎn).

After the white rabbit village chief put the note into the lottery box, he knew that even if it did, the probability of the gray rabbit winning the lottery is still very small.

The exciting draw time has come. The White Rabbit village chief closed his eyes, and repeated all the papers in public (fān jiǎo); while it was tumbling, it silently (mò) prayed (qí dǎo) in its heart, hoping that good luck would fall on the gray rabbit. …

In the eyes of everyone’s attention, the lottery representative Black Rabbit drew a note from the lottery box and handed it to the White Rabbit village chief. After looking at the White Rabbit village chief, he immediately held up the note with the name of the winner: “I announce that the lucky rabbit that won the prize today is the gray rabbit!”

The White Rabbit village chief just finished speaking, and the audience burst into thunderous applause.

With the help of the neighbors, the gray rabbit happily took away more than 500 carrots.

After the rabbits left, the White Rabbit village chief began to pack the lottery box. It was surprised to find that although the handwriting on each note was different, all the notes were written with the name of Gray Rabbit!

The village head of White Rabbit suddenly realized (huǎnɡ rán dà wù): The reason why the gray rabbit was able to win the prize this time was not because of his luck, but because everyone, like the village head, took the initiative to change their names to gray. The name of the rabbit.

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