Little fish save the moon

The reflection of the round moon in the sky is like a crystal jade plate. A group of little fish swim to the surface of the water to admire the moon, and they are fascinated by it.

Suddenly, a little fish called out: “It’s not good! It’s not good! The moon has fallen into the water!” Upon hearing this, the little fish looked into the water: “Wow, it’s really bad… .”

There is indeed a moon in the water, and the fishes are in a hurry. They talked a lot, trying to lift the moon to the sky.

They swim under the moon, trying to push the moon out of the water. The lake water rippled, and the moon in the water suddenly disappeared miraculously.

A little fish cried again: “Go up! Go up! The moon is in the sky again!” The fishes were very happy and hugged each other. But after a while, the surface of the water calmed down, the moon fell in the water again, and the little fish began to mess around again.

Mother Yu happened to be here, watching the children are busy, and asked: “What’s the matter with you?”

The fishes said: “The moon fell into the water! We are saving it!”

The mother fish looked at the moon in the sky, and at the “moon” in the water, and smiled and said to the children: “The moon in the water is the reflection of the moon in the sky, you silly children…”

After listening to mother’s words, some of the fish jumped up happily, and some circled around their mother and said happily: “Mom, you know so much! That’s how it is! Haha…”

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