little guy

There was a monkey who was only as high as a ball. Everyone laughed at him: “It’s so small, so small. It’s not a little too small.”

The little monkey didn’t believe that he was the youngest. He was determined to go outside, but the green grass on the road was higher than his nose! The little monkey was a little disappointed.

At this time, a little mouse suddenly jumped out of the grass. Haha! Only half the size of the little monkey.

The little monkey shook his head and said triumphantly to the little mouse: “You, you are the little one!” After speaking, it bounced and ran away.

The little mouse is sad, but he doesn’t want to be the youngest, he is determined to find friends who are younger than him.

Along the way, the little mouse moved and looked, looking to the west. Alas, nothing is bigger than himself, it is not as big as a puppy’s nose!

Suddenly, the little mouse was stirred, and a little thing yelled: “Oh! You stepped on it and hurt me!”

The little mouse hurriedly raised his foot. It turned out to be a little beetle smaller than its toes. “Hehe, you are the real little one!” The little mouse ran away happily. It has to tell the little monkey that it is not the smallest one!

Where’s the little beetle? I don’t care at all. It stretched its arms. He said with great air: “It doesn’t matter, I will grow up someday!”

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