Gentleman’s mr bear

Mr. Xiong is a stage actor in the theater. His role is a gentleman in a neat suit and bow tie. He is also a gentleman in life, neatly dressed and polite.

Two days later, there will be a carnival performance in the city. Mr. Xiong is still acting as a gentleman. Because his costumes are a bit old, he customized a new costume at Miss Lu’s tailor shop. Of course, the style is still a suit.

Mr. Xiong wanted to rehearse and didn’t have time to go to the tailor’s shop to get the costumes, so Miss Deer sent the clothes to his home. But, look, what Miss Lu gave him—a suit and a high hat.

“If this were to be worn on me, it would be so funny!” Mr. Xiong was very angry. “As a tailor, how can Miss Lu mistake a customer’s request?”

It is too late to re-order, the old suit Mr. Xiong has already sent to the clothing recycling bin. It is impossible for him to perform in this fancy costume.

The more Mr. Xiong thought about it, the more angry he became. He wrote a letter of complaint to Miss Lu. He went to the post office and mailed the letter.

By post in the same city, Miss Lu will see his letter soon.

Miss Lu’s letter on the street was sent by Huahuazhu. Unfortunately, when he was about to reach the door of Miss Lu’s shop with the letter, a strong wind suddenly blew out the letter in his hand.

Hua Huazhu chased it for a long time and didn’t catch it, so he could only watch the letter fall into the sewer.

“Oh, I lost Mr. Xiong’s letter. It’s really bad!” Huahuazhu asked Mr. Xiong to apologize. He didn’t know that Mr. Xiong was in the theater rehearsal and waited for a long time at the door of Mr. Xiong’s house. He didn’t wait for Mr. Xiong to come back.

The post office has regulations that intra-city mail must be delivered on the same day. Seeing the sun was about to set, Hua Huazhu was so anxious that his forehead was sweating, and his mind flashed: “By the way, Mr. Xiong is a gentleman in everyone’s eyes, and Miss Lu is an excellent tailor. Mr. Xiong is from Miss Deer’s tailor shop. Old customer, he must write a letter to thank Miss Lu. How about I write a new letter to Miss Lu on behalf of Mr. Xiong.”

Huahuazhu thought so, and immediately took action, quickly wrote a thank-you letter to Miss Lu, and sent it out. Miss Lu saw the letter, her face turned into a flower with a smile.

Miss Lu was happy, but Mr. Xiong was still worried about the suit of costume. However, Mr. Xiong regretted writing to Miss Lu. Ms. Lu made the wrong costume. It was not intentional. He should talk to Ms. Lu to see if there is any remedy. It’s just that the letter has been delivered and cannot be withdrawn.

The phone rang. It was the director of the theater.

“Mr. Xiong, urgent notice, the audience watching the performance has been greatly adjusted. There will be many children watching the performance, and you need to change to a program suitable for children to watch. The time is so tight, it is really a headache!”

“Ah… the performance tomorrow… call me—” Mr. Xiong looked at the suit and top hat, “Yes! Dean, don’t worry, leave the program to me.”

Mr. Xiong once learned magic, and the magician must be very cool in this costume.

During the performance, a lot of flowers appeared in Mr. Xiong’s top hat, and he also turned into a lively rabbit, which drew joyful screams from the children.

Miss Lu ran onto the stage and presented a bunch of flowers to Mr. Xiong: “Your performance is wonderful, you are so handsome in this outfit!”

Mr. Xiong thought of the letter of complaint he wrote to Miss Lu, and was very embarrassed: “Thank you, I…”

Miss Lu said, “Thank you for your letter of thanks.”

“Thank you letter?” Mr. Xiong didn’t know what was going on. The letter he sent was obviously a letter of complaint. How did it become a letter of thanks?

At this time, Huahuazhu also sent a bunch of flowers to Mr. Xiong. He came to apologize: “I’m sorry, I lost the letter you wrote to Miss Lu, so I wrote a new letter to her on your behalf.”

I see!

Mr. Xiong laughed: “It’s okay, it’s okay!”

Huahuazhu thought: Mr. Xiong didn’t blame me at all, he was a real gentleman. But next time I have to be careful, there will never be any missing letters again.

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