True friend

Sister Rabbit Lele and Sister Rabbit are twins at heart.

When Lele and Xinxin were just born and couldn’t get out of the nest to play, grandpa always warned them: “You have only one criterion for making friends, that is, you have to make friends, otherwise…” “Otherwise, what will happen?” Xinxin asked. “In our world, there are all kinds of animals. Some are as cunning as foxes, and some are as vicious as wolves… So, be careful when making friends, good friends will help you, bad friends not only don’t help you, but also Will lie to you and even hurt you…” Lele rushed to ask: “Really?” “Of course!” Grandpa said with a smile, “How could grandpa lie to you!”

When the sisters grow up, they can play outside their nests, and it’s time to make friends. In Zoology City, where carnivorous and herbivores live in peace, Xinxin and Niven the fox are friends, and Lele is friends with the kitten who can swim.

One day, the two sisters teamed up to participate in a dance competition and won the gold medal. To congratulate his friend for winning the prize, the fox gave a bag of money to his heart. Seeing that the fox is so generous, his heart is very happy, because he feels that he has made the good friends his grandpa said–if not good friends, why would the fox give me so much money? As a good friend of Lele, the kitten did not give Lele anything, but simply congratulated him-the kitten believes that a good friend lies in making friends, and the form is not important. Lele didn’t think so: He still said he was a good friend! It’s so stingy, you see that people’s heart-warming friends have sent so much money to heart-heart… It seems that I really staggered friends. Thinking of this, Lele was very disappointed.

In October, Zoological City held a grand party. Xinxin, Lele and their friends all participated.

After the party, the friends have to go through the boardwalk by the lake when they go home. Because I was too fascinated by playing with mobile phones, my sister Lele slipped into the lake after passing a section of no guardrail. Sister Xinxin hurriedly stretched out her hand to pull, but not only did she fail to hold her sister, but she also fell into the lake.

Hearing two “plops”, the kitten turned his head and found that both rabbits had fallen into the lake! Without even thinking about it, she hurriedly jumped out of the lake, and it took a lot of effort to rescue the two sisters who couldn’t swim and were struggling in the lake. As for the fox, he was busy taking pictures with his mobile phone and posted his popularity in Moments!

When Xinxin opened her eyes, she found herself and Lele lying on the hospital bed, and the kitten was looking at them worriedly. “Why… why did I come here?” Xinxin asked. “After we fell into the water, the kitten rescued us.” Lele, who woke up first, told her sister.

Remembering that the fox was by his side at that time, and remembering what Grandpa said before, the sisters finally understood: A true friend is not someone who gives you gifts and money, but can stay with you in critical moments and spend time with you. People in trouble!

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