Diandian and Domi’s letter

Little puppy and Domi the cat are very good friends. Dip lives on this side of the mountain, and Domi lives on the other side of the mountain. They often play and chat together. However, whenever they return to their respective homes, they always miss each other very much.

Duomi wrote a letter to Diandian, and she asked Xiaobaige to send the letter to Diandian. After reading the letter, Dian said: “I know what Domi is going to say.” At noon the next day, the sun stood on the top of the mountain, and Dian and Dian met under the big tree. They had a happy afternoon flying kites, playing badminton, and eating ice cream together.

After going home, he also wrote a letter to Domi, and he also asked Xiao Baige to send the letter to Domi. Domi received the letter from Dian and said happily: “I know what Dian is talking about.” The next day after the sun went down, the moon and stars quietly rose up into the sky. Domi knocked on the door and said: ” Little, I’m here!” So Domi and Little Dancing danced in the moonlight. They danced and danced, and when they were tired, they sat down to eat biscuits and drink juice. They had a good night.

One morning, Duomi received Diandian’s letter. After reading the letter, Duomi said: “Diandian is sick, I have to go see him.” Duomi hurried to Diandian’s home, strange? There is no one at Diandian, and the bed is empty. Domi looked around nervously, she yelled as she searched, “Little bit, where are you? I’m here!”

Nodding, sweating profusely, ran from a distance. Duo Mi asked, “Where have you been? Aren’t you sick?” said little by little:

“I said in the letter that I dreamed of you when I was sleeping!” Two good friends, you look at me and I look at you, and they all laughed. Point by point: “Thank you for caring about me so much, I invite you to eat grilled fish!”

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