Little hedgehog recognizes relatives

Every night, Xiaomo the hedgehog would go out alone to forage. It found that there was a friend like itself in a basin, also covered with thorns, but it always stood there unmoving.

“Hey, buddy, why didn’t you see you walking around?” The little hedgehog asked with his little head tilted up and his small eyes staring. “I’m in the ranks of the youngest at home. Mom and Dad call me the youngest. What is your name? We all have thorns on our bodies. Are we relatives?”

“Are you asking me?” said the thorny friend in the basin. “I am Cactus Duodu. I have been here for many days. I don’t know where my parents are. Every time I see you walking by, I wonder! Why can you move around freely, but I don’t know where my parents are. Can’t you move?”

“What about your legs? Why do I see you always standing in the basin?” Xiao Mo asked.

“My legs are buried in this basin. They are so deep that they can’t be pulled out!” Duo Duo sobbed.

“Since we are relatives, I recognize you dude, let me help you! I will dig out the soil in the basin and give you freedom. Let’s go out and play games.” Xiao Mo said as he climbed up the basin. , Trying to climb up to lift the shackles of Blossoming. Duo Duo also tried to bend down and pull Xiao Mo, but their efforts were overwhelmed. For Xiaomo, the basin is simply unattainable.

“I’m hungry, go there to eat something, and bring you some back by the way, we are so strong!” Xiao Mo said, ran to the vegetable field not far away.

“Why does it go there to eat? It’s so hard!” Duo Duo said with emotion, sucking the dew on his body.

After a while, Xiao Mo ran over sweating profusely: “Man, let’s see what I can bring you!” Xiao Mo said excitedly while holding some ants.

“I don’t eat these things. The water in the basin and the dew on my body are my food.” Duo Duo said a little puzzled.

“What’s going on?” Xiao Mo blinked his eyes like grains of rice, thinking.

Father Sun yawned and started to leave from the east. “I’m going back, mother must be anxious, tomorrow night I will call mother to help you!” Xiao Mo waved goodbye to Duoduo.

Xiao Mo told his mother what happened at night and asked her to help Duo Duo. But Xiao Mo’s mother was happy to hear it and said, “Silly boy, the cactus is not a relative of us. It is a plant, and we are an animal. It needs to grow in the soil. If we rescue it from the flowerpot, , That’s terrible, it’s going to die.” Xiaomo’s mother said as she took out a book of “Encyclopedia of Animals and Plants”: “Don’t just think about playing, read more books. Otherwise, you think you did it yourself. It is a good thing, but it may be a bad thing!”

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