Little lion haircut

The little lion’s hair was too long, and it was covered with dust. Mother Lion wanted to take him to a haircut several times, but he refused. It thought that the haircut must be very uncomfortable.

Soon, the little lion’s scalp began to itch. It scratched with its paws and rubbed against the tree trunk, but the more it scratched, the more itchy, and the more itchy, the more itchy, it was extremely uncomfortable! Now he wants to get a haircut. Then I was embarrassed to talk to my mother, so I had to go by myself.

There is a “crab barber shop” by the small river by the forest. The crab in the white coat greeted the little lion enthusiastically and asked it to sit on the barber chair.

There is a big mirror on the opposite wall, and the little lion sees himself in the mirror. “Ah, my hair is too dirty and messy! No wonder my mother said I am unhygienic.” It looked around: “Why don’t you have a haircut tool?”

The crab covered the little lion with a cloth, and then stretched out two large crab claws, “click” and “click”, and cut his long hair neatly in a while. Then, the crab gathered its slender claws together and combed its hair like a comb. “Oh, it turned out to be so.” The little lion looked at the crab’s haircut from the mirror, widening his eyes.

Time to wash your hair. By the pool, the little lion saw that there was no soap, so he said to the crab, “My hair is very dirty. I need some soap to wash it off.”

The crab smiled and said: “Don’t worry.” It spit out a string of white foam from its mouth and smeared it on the little lion’s head. Then he scratched with his claws. The lion’s itchy hair was scratched very comfortably, and the hair was washed clean.

The crab asked the little lion to return to the chair, cut his hair carefully with crab claws, and combed his claws together neatly. Then he said, “Okay.” The little lion stood up. It looked left and right in the mirror, the original dirty and messy hair became neat and clean, but beautiful!

The little lion is very satisfied! After thanking the crab, it ran home happily. It thought, now my mother will praise me as a good child who cares about hygiene and loves cleanliness.

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