Lu Qianqian’s ice cream shop

Turtle Lu Qianqian passed by the brown bear couple’s ice cream shop and saw a job advertisement posted on the glass window. She walked into the shop and said, “I hope to get this job,” she said to the brown bear couple, “but some people say I move. Too slow.” The

couple looked at each other, and Mr. Brown Bear said, “I like turtles. She looks down to earth, but if she moves too slowly…”

Mrs. Brown Bear said, “I would rather be slow. Last time, Beibei Rabbit While working here, I rashly sprinkled ice cream everywhere and let the turtles try it.” The

brown bears began to teach Lu Qianqian to work: one ice cream ball sells for five yuan, two ice cream balls for ten yuan, three How much does ice cream cost?

“Fifteen yuan.” Lu Qianqian immediately figured it out, she has learned to settle the accounts.

Then Mrs. Brown Bear showed Lu Qianqian the ice cream bucket: brown is chocolate, white is vanilla, yellow is banana, red is strawberry, and green is mint. Lu Qianqian soon learned to distinguish the taste of ice cream.

One week later, Lu Qianqian did a great job.

On Saturday afternoon, the brown bear couple said to Lu Qianqian: “From tomorrow we are going to go on vacation, and everything here is left to you.” The

next day is Sunday, Lu Qianqian is very busy, because the squirrels are coming to the city to go to the market. , Have to eat an ice cream, but they only eat chocolate flavor. From Monday to Friday, business was good. Many customers came to buy ice cream, but most of them only bought vanilla flavored ice cream.

Lu Qianqian began to worry, what should I do if the other ice creams cannot be sold?

Early on Saturday morning, Lu Qianqian put a big sign at the door, which read:

Newest launch: Rainbow ice cream-every five yuan

everybody was curious to see the new product, I saw Lu Qianqian calmly Take a thin layer of ice cream from each bucket and put them in a cone, and the rainbow ice cream is ready.

“Ah, it tastes really good!” People were full of praise as they ate.

At this time, the brown bears came back. They saw advertisements at the door and a constant stream of customers. “My dear, it seems that we can go out again.” Mr. Brown Bear said.

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter if we have been away,” said Mrs. Brown Bear.

“By the way, let’s open another branch.” Mr. Brown Bear said, “Lu Qianqian can be the manager here.”

“That’s a good idea.” Mrs. Brown Bear said.

The next day, the entrance of the ice cream shop was replaced with a beautiful new sign, which read “Lu Qianqian’s Ice Cream Shop”.

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