More and more starfish

A fisherman breeds clams (gé) on the beach (tān tú).

One day, a starfish took advantage of the rising tide and swam to the farm to steal clams.

When clams are safe, they will open their shells and spit out the bright red soft shell inside. Whenever there is a situation, it will immediately retract itself and close the hard shell tightly, making it impossible for waterbirds, fish, crabs (xiè), etc. to speak.

Sea star-a spine-sized animal consisting of a body plate and five wrists (wán), but it is an expert at preying on clams. It wrapped the clams tightly with five wrists, and kept them for a long time. As long as the clam shells were slightly separated, the starfish would take advantage of the gap. It secretes (fēn mì) digestive juice to numb the clams, and then slowly eats the soft flesh of the clams.

The fisherman came over. He saw that the starfish was trying to steal the clams, so he bent down to grab the starfish and said bitterly: “You: this bad guy, dare to come and eat my clams, I want to bring you back to burn. Die!”

“Oh, when I was caught by you, I knew I was dead.” Starfish cried, and then the clever ghost said deliberately, “It would be troublesome to burn me to death. In fact, if you cut (duò) me a few times, I’m done. .Just beg you, be gentle when you get the knife.

The fishermen listened and said, hum! You want to be lighter, there are no doors! “After that, the fisherman took out a machete, chopped the starfish into several pieces, and threw them on the beach.

A few days later, the fishermen visited the farm and found that there were several starfish on the tidal flat. The fishermen caught the starfish one by one, and chopped each starfish into several pieces.

Several days later, the fishermen came to the farm again. The scene in front of him surprised him: the tidal flats were densely packed with starfish, and clam shells were eaten up. The fisherman stamped his feet with anger and said, “There were only a few starfishes a few days ago, and they were all chopped to death by me. How come there are so many starfishes now?! Alas, my farm!”

An old fisherman came over. He saw the scene of the farm and said, “You are really confused. If you catch a starfish, you should take it back and burn it to death. The starfish has a strong regenerative ability. If you chop it into a few pieces, it will become A few starfish. Your farm is now like this, it’s all your own creation!”

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