Snoring Symphony

Rabbit’s house was washed down by mudslides, and she could only move to a new house.

The rabbit took a fancy to a sunflower field on the southern hillside, where she wanted to build a beautiful little house.

The bear is the rabbit’s best friend. He volunteered to help the rabbit and said to the rabbit: “You can live in my house before the new home is built.” The

rabbit agreed. In the past, the bear played very well at the rabbit’s house. In the evening, the rabbit also stayed with him overnight.

Of course, the bear’s house is much larger than the rabbit’s house, enough for the rabbit to live in.

The bear gave up his bedroom to the rabbit and went to sleep in the study next door with a pillow.

One night passed. The next morning, when the bear and the rabbit had breakfast together, the bear asked: “Did you sleep well last night?”

“No.” The rabbit let the bear look at her eyes, “Look, it’s so red.”

“Why can’t you sleep? Okay? Is the quilt uncomfortable? Or the pillow?” Xiong asked quickly.

“You are snoring too loud.” Rabbit said, “I can hear you clearly through such a thick wall.”

Xiong blushed, and he usually lives by himself, completely unaware of this problem. But now it’s different. If his snoring problem affects the sleep of a good friend, the bear is absolutely unwilling.

But how can this be corrected?

The bear thought and thought, but couldn’t think of it. Had to ask Dr. Owl, the most knowledgeable in the forest.

“A cure for snoring? Of course there is.” Hearing the bear’s request, Dr. Owl rummaged and collapsed in his tree hole. Finally find a parchment roll.

“Put a sheet of music under the pillow, and then sleep on it.” Dr. Owl read aloud, “This way, your unpleasant snoring will improve.”

Xiong was very happy, and he hurriedly searched for beautiful sheet music. .

The bear visited several famous musicians in the forest. There were larks, oriole, skylarks… they all gave the bear a copy of their music. Over there, the rabbit has prepared the cotton to avoid being disturbed by the snoring of the bear.

That night, the bear slept with the music of the lark.

A strange thing happened: a piece of music came from the study next door!

The rabbit pricked up her ears and listened carefully. Yes, it is indeed a tune. The rabbit loves music. She quickly realized that this is a piece written by a lark, but now, the person who sings it is not a lark, it is a bear. !

Only a bear has such a strong bass.

Although the lark’s tune came out of the bear’s mouth, it felt a bit awkward, but the tune itself was very good, at least much better than the snore.

The rabbit fell asleep contentedly, and she slept very soundly this night.

The next morning, Xiong looked at the rabbit’s eyes and knew that he had succeeded. He was very happy.

So from this day on, Xiong went to sleep with a different sheet music every night, so his snoring sound changed every day.

Later, Xiong became accustomed to nature, and he didn’t even need to sleep on music scores. As long as he fell asleep, he would randomly snoring that resembled music, saying goodbye to the noise maker forever.

Half a month has passed, and the rabbit’s new home is built, and the rabbit does not have to bother in the bear’s house anymore.

This evening, the rabbit came to look for the bear.

“Bear, are you free?” she said, “accompany me to Dr. Owl’s speech.”

“Okay,” said Xiong. He was still thinking about how Dr. Owl helped him, and it should be a cheer for him.

Dr. Owl’s lecture will be held in a forest full of tree stumps. It is basically packed. Because Dr. Owl’s name has been admired for a long time, this is the first time he has given a lecture.

It’s a pity that the content of Dr. Owl’s speech was so boring that it was so boring that everyone felt regretful in the first 5 minutes.

Don’t blame Dr. Owl, he thinks the audience is as knowledgeable as him, so the content can’t help but be advanced. The bear who admired Dr. Owl very much, even though he knew he shouldn’t, couldn’t help but fall asleep—he could hardly understand a word. A bear is a physique that snors as soon as he falls asleep.

Only the rabbit listened intently in the entire venue and took notes seriously.

As a result, Dr. Owl’s solemn speech venue suddenly heard a piece of extraordinary music. Almost all the animals were shocked.

The dumbfounded Dr. Owl, the rabbit, and the other animals, together focused on the bear who slept with no one else. The bear, who was drooling while sleeping, had his mouth like a tape recorder, and there was a steady stream of sonorous music.

The animals were very interested. They whistled, cheered, and applauded. Bear’s concert is much more interesting than a dull speech!

Everyone formed a circle enthusiastically, and in the center of the circle was a sleeping bear. As everyone listened, they discussed the style of the bear snore and guessed what the bear will snore in the next paragraph.

On the outermost side of the circle, standing dumbfounding rabbit and doctor owl.

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