Rita and the crocodile go fishing

One sunny morning, the little girl Rita found a crocodile in her bathtub.

“Huh? Where did you come from? What are you doing here?” Rita felt strange.

But the crocodile did not answer her.

“Oh! Did you just move here?” Rita said again, “Shall we have breakfast together?”

Rita cooked a large pot of porridge, and then ordered the crocodile to lay the table. As a result, the stupid crocodile smashed four plates and five cups.

“Oh! Stupid and stupid guy!” Rita said and shook her head.

Rita cooked the porridge, but the crocodile didn’t mind.

He not only drank one of his own points, but also swallowed Rita’s share.

“My goodness! Your appetite is so good!” Rita stared at the crocodile in surprise.

When the crocodile was preparing to wash the dishes, Rita said, “There is no need to wash it now. We are going to go fishing right away.”

“Look at you, walking is too slow,” Rita said. “Your legs are too short. If this goes on, we will miss the train!”

But the crocodile’s four legs have always been so short, what method did he use. Rita had to pick up the crocodile and trot all the way to the station.

“Be careful, don’t lose your ticket, careless guy!”

After a while, Rita and the crocodile came to the sea.

“Remember! When fishing, you must sit quietly,” Rita said to the crocodile. “If you scare the fish away, I will never bring you fishing again.”

They sat quietly. However, after waiting for a long time, they didn’t even catch a fish.

“Blame you, crocodile, you must have scared the fish away! You didn’t keep quiet at all!” Rita said.

At this moment, the crocodile caught a fish!

Then he caught another…and then another…and another…

It was raining in the sky, and Rita still didn’t catch a fish. She had to say: “It’s raining, I’m tired, and it’s time to go home.”

The crocodile carried Rita and all the fishes and walked back.

After returning home, the crocodile is responsible for making dinner, and Rita is responsible for making the table.

At dinner, Rita ate a mackerel, and the crocodile ate a cod, a piranha, a salmon, an octopus, and a seahorse. There is also a jellyfish and a narwhal.

“Wow! It’s delicious!” Rita said to the crocodile, “It’s delicious! I didn’t expect that you are still an amazing chef and great fisherman! It’s so happy to live with you!”

It’s time for bed. Rita said, “Crocodile, you are tired after catching so many fish? Good night!”

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