Sand Banded Chicken Mother Wisdom Fighting Fox

The mother sand spotted chicken is about to give birth to a baby.

It lays a nest of eggs on the pebble beach by the river. Its eggs and pebbles are almost the same color, just to prevent other animals from harming its baby. Before long, her little baby will come out of these bird eggs. Mother Sand-Ban Chicken thought of something, not to mention being overjoyed in her heart.

Suddenly, a cunning fox came from a distance.

The fox is looking for food, what if this nest of bird eggs is found by the fox? The mother sand banded chicken didn’t dare to think anymore.

What to do? What to do?

Fighting with foxes? A small bird as big as a dove like a sand-spot chicken is a fox’s opponent.

The fox was still walking in the direction of the bird’s egg with his greedy eyes. The situation is extremely urgent, and there is no time for the sand grouper to consider it carefully.

At this moment, a move that no one had expected occurred: the sand beagle walked over to the fox. Look, the sand banded chicken deliberately drooped one wing, pretending to be in pain after breaking the wing, and struggling hard.

“Haha! Isn’t this a good meal!” The fox’s eyes lit up when he looked at the “wounded” Shaban.

The mother sand-breasted chicken flapped its wings and ran ahead, and the fox kept a certain distance to prevent the fox from catching herself.

It ran, ran, and gradually led the fox away from the baby bird’s egg.

“Hmph, no cunning fox can beat our sand-spotted chicken!” The sand-spotted mother fluttered, spread its wings, and ran away. There were only hungry and angry foxes left by the river.

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