Ants and earthworms

Long ago, crickets, ants, and earthworms were good friends. They all live in a village, and the roads in the village are bumpy and difficult to walk. One day, the cricket and the ants discussed together and decided to mobilize everyone to repair the road.

They do what they say, mowing the grass, digging the soil, and paving the road, and they do it lively. But their good friend earthworms have never come to participate in everyone’s road construction work. The ants want to let their good friends earthworms also participate in it, so they quietly came to find the earthworms and said, “Big Brother Earthworm, why don’t you help us build the road? ”

The earthworm said: “I’m afraid of getting tired, so I won’t do it.”

The ant said: “You won’t walk after that?”

The earthworm stretched out and said lazily: “If you don’t go, you won’t go! What’s so great!”

The ant was also angry when seeing the earthworm like this, and said, “What if you leave?”

“If you see me leaving, catch me.” said the earthworm.

The road was finally repaired. The crickets and ants were all happily running around on the road. The earthworm was very envious, and quietly climbed onto the road. But when it just climbed up, it was discovered by the ants. The ant unceremoniously caught the earthworm and carried it into the hole.

From then on, the earthworms never dared to walk on the road anymore, and could only burrow in the soil. If it accidentally walks on the road, it will be caught by the ants. This is still the case until now.

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