Little Goat Wisely Fights Big Bad Wolf

In a forest, there are many small animals who help each other and live a harmonious and happy life.

But since the big bad wolf came, the little animals in the forest didn’t dare to go out. When they saw the big bad wolf, they flee.

One day, a hungry and cold wolf came to look for food. He saw a little goat, his eyes were rolling around, and a ghost idea came out. He found some nails and put them at the door of Little Goat’s house. The little goat saw that his door was full of nails, and he thought: Oh, you big bad wolf, wait. It picked up the nail, and the big bad wolf saw the flesh in front of his eyes and ran away, and walked away rascally.

On this day, the little goat went to graze the same way, and it put some nails on its back. The big bad wolf saw that the little goat came to the door again, and ran over quickly. Just when it was about to touch the little goat, it was pierced by a nail under its feet and screamed. The little goat turned around and said, “Big bad wolf, big bad wolf, you really deserve it. Don’t look at your feet, return your nails to you, if you can borrow them!” The big bad wolf was pierced and shed blood Coming out, it limped, endured the pain, and went home in frustration.

With the lessons of the previous two times, the big bad wolf is careful this time. It dug a hole in a piece of green grass, put a lot of grass in the hole, and leveled them. After a while, the little goat came to eat the green grass. He saw that the big bad wolf was setting up a trap, so he thought of a good idea. After the big bad wolf got it right, the little goat deliberately jumped into the pit. The big bad wolf was very proud, and said with a smile: “Little goat, I didn’t think you would fall into the hands of the king. It’s really’wise, you’re confused for a while’! Before you die, what else do you want to say?” The little goat deliberately said with a weeping voice: “Brother Gray Wolf, can you let me go?” “It’s a dream!” The Big Gray Wolf said categorically. The little goat said: “Then you can eat me now!” “The king will make you perfect!” The big bad wolf really took the bait. It opened its mouth to show its sharp teeth, stretched out its hands, and lunged at the little goat. Just when the big bad wolf was about to touch it, the little goat flashed agilely and drew aside. The big bad wolf pounced again, and the little goat flashed again. After tossing for a while, the big bad wolf was exhausted, and it finally fell.

The little goat defeated the big bad wolf with his own wisdom and was loved by the animals. From then on, the forest was full of laughter, and everyone became harmonious, happy, and happy again. It was a big family with great joy!

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