Stupid wolf goes to school

There was a stupid wolf who was impatient in the forest alone and wanted to go to school. There are so many children in the school, it will be fun.

The stupid wolf came to the school, sat among the children, and listened to the teacher.

In the first class, the teacher taught everyone to learn vocabulary. The teacher wrote the word “apple” on the blackboard with red chalk and told everyone: “This is an apple.”

“No, apples are round, red, and sweet.” The stupid wolf stood up and said objection.

“Yes, stupid wolf said that there is no hunting. We have all eaten apples and know what it looks like.” The other children said in unison.

“This is the word’apple’, and it’s not a real apple.” The teacher said angrily.

“Why is Apple not a real apple?” Stupid Wolf asked again.

“Yes, it’s not a real apple. What use is it for us to learn?” the other children said in unison.

“I can’t tell you clearly, we don’t learn vocabulary anymore, let’s tell stories!” said the teacher.

So the teacher told the children the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The children listened quietly, listening very carefully, but suddenly a sharp voice protested angrily: “No, this is all a rumor. I have never eaten Little Red Riding Hood. .”

“Maybe your father did it.” A little friend said.

“My father wouldn’t do such a thing!”

“Maybe it’s your grandpa?”

“It could be your grandfather?”

The stupid wolf thought for a while, and stopped speaking, because he really didn’t know whether his grandfather and grandfather had done anything bad like eating Little Red Riding Hood.

The teacher originally wanted to tell the stupid wolf that the stories are not always true, and he was afraid that he would not understand, the teacher said: “Okay, now we don’t tell stories, let’s go to physical education!”

The stupid wolf and the children came to the big playground and lined up on the track. The teacher asks everyone to run, whoever runs the fastest is the best student in sports.

“Get ready, run!”

As soon as the teacher’s command was issued, the stupid wolf flew forward like an arrow. He forgot to turn at the turn of the runway, so he ran straight across the big playground, across the field, and ran back into the big forest.

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