Kitten who wants to dance

Freda is a cat, a cat who wants to dance. However, she is very fat, and every time when she jumps up and spins in the air, she will fall face down on the ground, her nose and face swollen.

Freda always said longingly: “How I want to dance!”

Mom knows Freda’s wish very well. She said to Freda: “My child, tomorrow is Christmas. Why don’t you write a letter to Santa and let him help you realize your wish?”

“It’s amazing!” Freda was very happy, and quickly brought paper and pen. At the beginning, she wrote:

Dear Santa:

I know that I am not the best cat in the world. Sometimes I have a bad temper and sometimes I eat too much…

At this time, she thought: “Maybe I shouldn’t point out my shortcomings.”

So she started writing again:

Dear Santa:

I try hard to be a good cat. My wish this Christmas is to be a dancing cat.

Love you frida

She put the written letter in a stocking-every year Santa Claus puts gifts into the stocking.

That night, Freda dreamed that he was wearing a beautiful green-faced velvet robe, jumping and spinning…

The next morning, Freda found a golden card in her stockings, which read:

Those who hold this certificate can take a one-year dance class at the Animal Ballet School.

Love you santa

“Awesome!” Freda was so happy that he jumped down into the air, which rotated twice, and then fell to the ground gracefully.

A year later, Frida became one of the most dancing cats in school.

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