Little Bear’s Sugar Bowl

In a large forest, a little bear lives. He doesn’t like to talk to others so much, he stays at home and never goes out. There are many weird gadgets in Little Bear’s house, such as cuckoo clocks, crystal balls, and some small dolls. But what bears most is his sugar bowl.

The little bear sugar bowl was left to him by his grandma. When the little bear was very young, his parents went out looking for food and never came back.

So grandma kept raising the little bear and told the little bear that his parents had just gone to another world, where there were flowers and green grass. After Xiao Xiong’s parents come back, she will leave here and return to her previous home.

However, shortly last month, the grandmother who had passed her sixtieth birthday finally left the bear. After that, Little Bear looked out the window when he was okay, hoping to see two familiar figures walking towards him, but they didn’t. Before grandma left, she gave Little Bear a sugar bowl, which was made of ceramic and looked shiny. On the jar and put up a piece of paper that read:

“Winnie, grandma hope that this jar of jelly beans can be your friend.”

Winnie the sugar bowl of jelly beans can be magical, and the Cubs love it, just like Treat your friends like you.

When the bear is happy,

he will become happier if he eats a brown jelly bean; when he feels angry, he will be more calm by eating a blue jelly bean;

when he feels sad , he will only have to eat A green jelly bean will regain confidence;

Since Little Bear has this sugar bowl, he has stayed at home holding the sugar bowl. Never go out to play with other friends, and never say a word to them. While other little animals are playing “peekaboo” on the grass, the little bear stays with his sugar bowl at home.

But one day, Little Bear suddenly felt strange. He is not happy, not sad, or even angry. He just felt empty in his heart, and everything around him seemed to have disappeared.

He opened the sugar bowl and ate a piece of candy, but his mood did not improve. So the bear grabbed a large amount of sugar and stuffed it into his mouth, but it was still empty. Little Bear looked at the colorful jelly beans in the jar, but always felt that they had lost their color, just like himself at this time.

“Oh, what should I do?”

Little Xiong looked out the window, and Bai Yun was looking at him with a smile. So he decided to go for a walk and relax. Little Bear put on his coat and set off with his baby’s sugar bowl.

Little Bear came to the stream. He looked down at his reflection and tapped on the rocks on the shore. His own reflection swayed constantly in the water, disappearing from time to time. But Xiao Xiong’s mood didn’t improve as a result, and he still felt empty in his heart.

The little bear continued to walk forward, and the little flowers on the side of the road kept beckoning him. The little bear plucked a flower and put it under his nose and smelled it. The flowers are very fragrant, but they didn’t make the bear feel cheerful. He sighed and threw away the flowers in his hand.

Little Xiong didn’t feel anything at this time, as if he was the only one left in the whole world, loneliness and loneliness swept his heart instantly. The little bear finally understood that since his grandmother left, there was no one to accompany him, and now he is a lonely, homeless, poor little bear.

At this moment, a burst of cheerful laughter came from a distance. Who was it? What are they doing? Little Bear is a little curious. So he walked in the direction of the sound and hid behind a rock.

Under a big tree, a group of small animals are having a picnic. They shared the food they brought, played games together, and had a great time. Little Bear looked at them eagerly, but didn’t dare to walk over to say hello to them.

At this time, the little fox who was eating cookies found the little bear hiding behind the stone.

“Hello, Little Bear. What are you doing hiding behind?”

Little Bear cringed and walked out, subconsciously hiding the sugar bowl behind his back. He didn’t want other people to see his baby.

“Hi… hello, I just came out for a walk.” Little Xiong said.

“Then let’s have a picnic and play games. We welcome you to come together.” The little fox said as he took the little bear to the big tree.

“Hey, come everyone. We have a new friend!” the little fox shouted.

All the little animals ran over immediately and surrounded the little bears. Little Bear couldn’t help getting more nervous, and held the sugar bowl tightly in his arms, preventing them from seeing it.

The kitten on the side took a small biscuit out of his pocket and placed it in the bear’s palm. “These are the biscuits I brought from home. Everyone loves to eat my biscuits. You can try them too.”

“Oh, thank you.” Somehow, the cold heart of Little Bear suddenly moved a little at this time. warmth.

“Little Bear, I have some cheese from the mill here. Here is a piece of it for you.” said the little mouse.

“Little Bear, I…” The

enthusiastic friends all shared the snacks they brought with the little bears, and the little bears looked at them, all with happy smiles on their faces. My heart suddenly became warm, and the previous feeling of loneliness has long since disappeared.

Little Bear took the sugar bowl out of his arms and placed it on the grass.

“The sugar bowl my grandma gave me at this time. The jelly beans in it are delicious. Let’s try it.”

Little Bear put the sugar bowl on the grass and opened its lid. There was a sweet smell of milk. Gushing out instantly.

Everyone is enjoying this magical jelly beans with relish. One for you, one for me, the memorable candies were “destroyed” immediately. Cubs also played the game of “hide and seek” with his friends for a long time, until the evening the friends reluctantly said goodbye.

“Tomorrow, I have to come again!” The little fox yelled at the little bear.

The panting bear sitting on the grass, he looked at the empty sugar bowl in his hand, but felt extremely happy in his heart. Grandma’s wish finally came true. The sugar in the jar flew out of the narrow sugar bowl and became his friends.

The smooth and translucent sugar bowl reflected the colorful clouds in the sky, and the clouds were red and purple as if they were burned by fire. Little Bear felt that his mood at this time was just like these clouds. He quietly looked at the red clouds, as if he had seen three familiar figures, smiling at him among the colorful clouds.

lonely? He left the bear’s heart a long time ago and flew to the other side of the mountain-disappeared without a trace.

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