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Jimilla is actually a very ordinary child, except she wants to go up to the moon.

But how is this possible? Not to mention the moon, the people in Mumu Town, including Jimilla’s father, mother, grandfather, and grandma, rarely leave Mumu Town.

Mumu Town is beautiful and peaceful. People are proud of living in Mumu Town. Not only that, but there are even humans from faraway countries and distant planets. They can find this legendary town even if only temporarily. Stay for a while.

The town of Mumu is surrounded by undulating hills. The mountains are planted with lush blue woods. The trees have blue leaves, blue flowers and blue fruits. The fruit is fragrant and delicious, which can quench thirst and satisfy hunger. The houses, shops, hotels, tables, chairs, bed sheets, pillowcases, and curtains in Mumu Town are also blue. People in Mumu Town also like to wear blue clothes because the sky above them is blue. Blue makes people feel quiet and peaceful. It is an extremely beautiful color, as people in Mumu Town often say.

However, the moon is orange. That kind of sparkling, translucent orange, that kind of bright, golden orange, how beautiful it is! How beautiful is it! If possible, I would really like to go up and have a look at the moon. Jimilla’s idea is so different.

No one would laugh at a child’s fantasy. Of course, no one takes a child’s fantasy seriously. Until the witch came to Mumu Town.

Not the same as the legendary witch, she has long golden hair, and her robe is also brilliant gold. Her body is filled with a moving look, dazzling eyes in the sun.

Soon, the legend about witches spread from the streets and alleys——

Legend has it that she is a princess of the Persian Kingdom…

According to legend, her robes are invaluable and are woven from gold and silver threads…

According to legend, she has traveled to many countries, even to very distant planets…

“So, have you been to the moon?” Jimilla met the witch in front of the glass door of the hotel.

“Of course!” The witch blinked her eyes wide and replied very positively.

“So, can you take me to the moon too?”

“No problem!” The witch’s red lips moved up and down, “But…you are not allowed to tell anyone!”

The witch leaned down and whispered a few words in her ear.

Jimilla nodded excitedly.

At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, the night breeze was blowing gently, and the streets were wafting with the fragrance of blue wood. The wind was blowing at Jimmyra’s feet, and he walked fast, and soon came to the intersection of Mumu Town leading to the outside.

There is no one at the intersection!

Jimilla’s heart sank sharply.

“The witch is lying?”

“She has never been to the moon?”

The slender branches of the blue wood that stretched to the sky swayed from side to side, and a golden figure flashed from behind the tree-it was a witch! Really a witch! The witch smiled slightly, her eyes overflowing with strange light in the night.

The witch nodded, opened her broad golden robe, and said, “Okay, come to me.”

Jimilla seemed to be attracted by some kind of magic, and stumbled into the witch’s golden robe.

At this time, she turned her head to find that the moon tonight was round and bright. The brilliance of the moonlight sprinkled on the witch’s face, as if coated with a layer of gold powder. The witch’s robe swelled up like a flower miraculously by the wind, just wrapping her under the witch’s armpit. The witch took her off. Although she could not see the outside scene, she could feel that they were slowly flying away from the ground and flying towards the sky.

She is a real witch!

Jimilla regretted that she had fallen asleep, and when she opened her eyes, she had come to a strange castle.

“Where is this?”

“Are we on the moon yet?”

“Or did I overslept and missed it?”

No one answered her.

Because the witch has a lot to do, she has to be busy reading books, making notes, fetching water, picking fruits, making strawberry, apple, and banana jams… Jimilla has also been sent a lot. Things to do: She wants to clean the room and cook for the witch-this was the work of mom and dad in the past! But, not only that, she also has to take care of a lazy cat of the witch.

Jimilla has to stay busy until the night is dead, her waist is sore and her legs are sore, her upper eyelids and lower eyelids fight straight before she can lie in bed and get a good night’s sleep. So tired, so tired!

It’s really exhausting!

However, thanks to the cat.

This is a talking cat, of course, because she is a witch’s cat.

The cat knows many secrets of this castle.

For example, why the witch suddenly stopped talking—because she accidentally caught her own magic. There is no antidote to this kind of magic. Only after two thousand years, the magic will be automatically released. There is also a very simple and easy way to leave the Moon Castle and live on another planet. Later, the witch went to many other planets for excursions, but no matter how far he went, the witch still had to return to his own planet, because the witch liked this place. Although returning to his own planet, he will fall into his own weird magic, but slowly, the witch is contented, because the planet is very small, there is only one castle, and there are only cats and witches in the castle. Moreover, witches have many things to do. She is very busy and has a lot to do, so she has no time to talk at all.

That’s it!

Jimilla suddenly realized. When she just heard that the witch was hit by her own magic, she was still pitying the witch. Later, I felt that the life of the witch had become different because of this, and I also found it very interesting.

When Jimmy woke up early the next morning, he looked up at the clock on the wall and was surprised to find that it was nine o’clock in the morning.

She was too late to clean up the room, clean the floor, clean the witch’s bedroom, living room and kitchen, let alone make today’s breakfast. But what made her strange was that the room was tidy and clean, the floor was shiningly polished, the kitchen was spotlessly clean, and the white tablecloths in the dining room were lined with rich breakfasts.

This is……

“It turns out that you have always done these jobs. Humph! You lazy cat that makes people so annoying!”

“It was ordered by the witch. She is afraid that you will be homesick if you have nothing to do here.”

The cat’s eyes narrowed into a crooked seam with a smile, but now it looked very amiable.

“Yeah.” Jimilla nodded. She was sitting in the house of the Moon Castle, eating the fruits of the Moon Forest and drinking the water of the Moon River. The water is sweet, the fruit is sour and sweet, and it is sweet to the heart. For a moment, she was almost drunk!

I don’t know how long Jimilla has lived on the moon. In short, afterwards, they have been living together happily. Sometimes they go to the Moon River to fetch water together; sometimes they go to the Moon Forest to pick fruits; sometimes they stay in the Moon Castle all day and do not go anywhere, just read a book, tidy up the room together, or do All kinds of delicious jams and snacks…

One night, a moon rose in front of the window of the Moon Castle—yes, the moon is lake blue. If you don’t look closely, you will think it is a pale blue silhouette. Can I see the moon over the moon castle?

This makes Jimilla very puzzled.

“Haha, that is the earth!”


“It’s the earth where Jimilla lives, the earth of Mumu Town!”

“Earth, Mumu Town… Mumu Town, Earth…”

Jimmy lay on the bed tossing and turning, chanting these two words repeatedly, until she fell asleep.

The second day, the third day…Jimira began to say nothing.

Whether it’s going to the Moon River to fetch water, going to the Moon Forest to pick fruits, or making jam with the witch, or making dinner with the cat.

“Are you enchanted?”

The cat asked Jimilla secretly.

Jimilla shook her head, but still did not speak.

“What’s the matter?”

Ugh! Jimmy sighed like an adult, but didn’t say anything.

“I know why.”


“You must be homesick.”

“How did you know?”

“Last night, I heard you talk in your sleep in the middle of the night, and you have been talking about your mother, Mumu Town, etc…”

Jimilla suddenly missed Mumu Town, the blue Mumu Town, and Mumu Town on the far side of the sky.

“I can understand you, do you know why the witch has to rush back to Moon Castle wherever she goes, because the moon is her hometown, although she can’t speak or sing on the moon, but this is her hometown, so No matter how far she goes, she will do everything possible to rush back.”

When Maoyu said these words earnestly, he was like a witch’s father, no, more like an out-and-out philosopher. “Tomorrow she happens to have a trip plan. She is going to the Purple Planet and can take you back to Mumu Town by the way.”

“Really?” Jimilla couldn’t tell what she was feeling. She missed Mumu Town, her parents, and her friends in Mumu Town. But when she said that she was about to leave Moon Castle, she suddenly felt a little reluctant.

Later, Jimilla returned to Mumu Town, back to his parents. When people talk about Jimilla, they can’t help mentioning her magical journey to the moon. There must be no better place in Mumu Town on the moon, or else why would she come back? The people in Mumu Town say that.

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