The bunny who doesn’t know how to share

The little rabbit came to the carrot field this day and planned to pull out some delicious carrots. The little rabbit pulls and pulls… but he did not pull it out with all his strength, hey-hey-hey! Not for a while. The rabbit was sweating profusely, but looking at the carrot again, it was still buried in the ground without any change, and the little rabbit jumped angrily.

The kitten is carrying a bucket full of fish and intends to go home. This is the result of the kitten’s battle. The kitten who rushed home saw the little rabbit pulling out carrots in the carrot field. The kitten enthusiastically went to help. Two people Let’s go and help together Hey-yo-hey-hey-the radish was finally pulled out. “Wow…! What a big carrot!”

The little cat shouted in surprise, and the little rabbit hugged the big carrot and said, “This is my carrot. You are not allowed to grab it.”

The kitten touched his head and said: “I didn’t want to grab you, I just wanted to help. We are friends.”

The little rabbit ignored the kitten and went home alone with a big carrot. Little Rabbit thought “I don’t want to share the carrots with you!” When the door opened early the next morning, Little Rabbit saw that there was a bucket at the door of his house. There were two delicious fish in the bucket, which was sent by the kitten. Here, the little rabbit remembered that the little cat caught a lot of fish yesterday, and the little cat specially shared it with two little rabbits.

The little rabbit remembered yesterday that she selfishly took the carrot away. The little cat was not angry, but shared the fish he caught with herself. The little rabbit was ashamed to send yesterday’s big carrot to the little cat’s house. The little rabbit said to the little cat. : “Sorry, I am too selfish. I gave you this carrot.” The kitten smiled and said, “Let’s eat together! Good friends should share together.”

Little rabbit finds that carrots are sweeter and more delicious than what he eats before, because he knows that the taste of sharing is sweet.

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