Sorry Mr. Boar

The bear is performing a tightrope walk in the forest.

He was walking on a steel wire rope tied between two tall palm trees, holding a small flower umbrella in his hand, and the bear shook a little, but he walked quite steadily.

The whole forest was a sensation.

Fawns, squirrels, monkeys, civet cats, baby elephants, pangolins… all came to watch this wonderful show.

The wild boar came late, but he was unwilling to be behind, so he squeezed forward hard.

He stepped on the deer’s foot and said, “I’m sorry!”

He knocked down the little squirrel and said, “I’m sorry!”

He hurt the little monkey and said, “I’m sorry!”

He squeezed the little elephant unsteadily and said, “I’m sorry!”

Little Xiong saw all of this on the wire rope. He took the little colorful umbrella and said: “There is a gentleman below who keeps saying’I’m sorry’, but does he know what’I’m sorry’?”

Everyone laughed.

The wild boar lowered his head embarrassedly.

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