Stupid Wolf’s Magic Pencil

It was dark, and the stupid wolf walked listlessly on the empty street. It turned out that he only scored 50 points in the exam, so he dared not go home for a long time.

“It would be great if you can get full marks in the exam!” The stupid wolf came to the door of Coke Cat without knowing it. Coke cat got 100 points in the exam. How did she do it?

The stupid wolf knocked on the door of Coke Cat’s house and asked, “Coke Cat, do you know how to get high scores without learning?”

Coke Cat said: “How can I get good grades without studying hard?”

The stupid wolf blushed and lowered his head sadly: “I’m a stupid brain, I can’t remember the knowledge in the book.”

Coke Cat took out a pencil from his school bag and said: “I have a magic pencil. It will remember every word written with it. When it encounters the same question in the exam, it will automatically write the answer.”

“Really? Can you lend it to me?” The stupid wolf was very happy.

“No problem!” Cola cat handed the pencil to the stupid wolf. “Remember, it will be effective if you write carefully with it!”

“Got it!” The stupid wolf ran out, forgetting to say thank you.

From then on, Stupid Wolf would write a lot of words with a magic pencil every day, and each word was written neatly and conscientiously. He thought: “Magic pencil, remember the words I can’t write, and help me get the first place in the next exam!” The teacher saw the stupid wolf writing seriously and praised him in public. The stupid wolf laughed secretly: “I wouldn’t be lazy to write if it wasn’t for the magic pencil to remember the difficult problem!”

A month later, the stupid wolf finally “input” all the new words in the textbook into the magic pencil. It’s about to take an exam again, and the stupid wolf sits confidently at the desk and thinks happily: “The magic pencil remembers the problem, and this time it will get a full mark, haha!” He opened the stationery box and suddenly exclaimed, “Broken! The magic pencil is lost at home!” The stupid wolf flushed with anxiety, and bright beads of sweat flashed on his forehead. He finished answering the question in a panic, thinking: It’s over, it’s over…

The next day, the teacher handed out the transcript, and stupid wolf was surprised to find that he had scored 98 points! “Strange, I didn’t use the magic pencil!” Stupid wolf thought to himself.

Coke cat came over and said with a smile: “Where is there any magic pencil? You can get good grades because you have been studying hard recently!”

Stupid wolf knew that it was not the magic pencil that remembered the problem, but his little brain.

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