Witch Valley Day Tour

There is a witch named Doudouwu, she is very small, only the size of a soybean. Every year on Children’s Day, she sends gifts to all children in the world. Of course, this year is no exception. What can I give it? Peasy hasn’t thought about it. The children are tired of ordinary gifts.

How can this be done? Doudouwu is very troublesome. She played on the flute, and a green leaf fell from the tree and fell to her feet. Peas witch jumped on the leaves, and the leaves flew up, flying out of the Witch Valley and into the human world.

Doudouwu thought and thought, and finally came up with a good idea. She wants to invite children from all over the world to take a day trip to Witch Valley on Children’s Day!

Children’s Day is here, and Doudouwu is sitting on a green leaf. As soon as she plays the flute gently, the sound of the flute floats all over the world, so that every child can hear it. As soon as the children heard this wonderful flute sound, all of them became smaller and as big as soybeans. Every child jumped on a green leaf, and the green leaf carried the children up, flying all over the sky, like little notes.

“Go!” Doudou Wu gave an order, and the children followed Doudou and flew towards Witch Valley. The line is long, just like a flying train.

The children landed at the biggest playground in Witch Valley-Doudou Witch Playground. The various peculiar buildings in the amusement park are so tall and big that you can’t see them at a glance.

“Children, just play, it’s all free here!” Doudouwu shouted.

Doudouwu first took the children to the Space-Time Transformation Hall. There were many doors in the hall with different times written on them. Doudouwu led everyone to a door that said: 200 million years ago. As soon as you stood in front of the door, the door opened automatically, and Doudouwu led the children in. Oh, the scene before them shocked the children. Isn’t this Jurassic? Various plants are tall and luxuriant, and dinosaurs large and small walk among them, making terrifying calls from time to time.

Doudouwu clapped his palms, and the tall Thunder Dragon came in front of the children. Dou Dou Wu waved his hand, Thunder Dragon fell down, Dou Dou Wu took the children and sat on Thunder Dragon’s back. Doudouwu clapped his hands again, and thousands of dinosaurs came over. Doudouwu said to everyone: “Children, come on up, let’s have a dinosaur riding contest!”

The children exclaimed, exclaimed, and were extremely excited.

After the dinosaur riding contest, Doudouwu took the children to the door of the future, which said: 200 million years later. Doudouwu opened the door and a group of aliens appeared in front of the children. “Hello! Children of the earth, I heard that you are celebrating Children’s Day today. Our children from the Pegasus constellation invite you to have a fun together, let’s go!” The aliens took the children to their flying saucers and flew far away Interstellar. Of course, Doudou Wu also went, and they held a grand party there.

After returning from the Pegasus constellation, Doudouwu originally wanted to lead the children to visit the Dream City. But time is running out, I can only play again next time. Doudou witch played the flute, let the children sit on the leaves and fly back to the human world. Of course, after returning, the children changed back to their original size.

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