Beautiful frog

The little frog lives in the little frog yard. All the frogs wear green clothes. The little frog thinks the clothes are very ordinary and not beautiful at all. The little frog saw the canna in the yard. The flowers were red, like flames, so beautiful!

The little frog found out the red watercolor paint used for painting and painted it on himself, except for a pair of big bright eyes, his body was all painted in red!

A little swallow flew in the air, and he cried out in surprise: “Look! A red frog squatting on the lotus leaf, how beautiful it is!”

After listening to Xiao Yanzi’s compliment, Little Frog Coke, loudly said: “I am a different red frog!”

The little frog was hungry and went to catch the green grasshopper. With sharp eyes, the green grasshopper saw a red frog approaching, and with a “poof”, he jumped into the grass and disappeared.

“Escaped a green grasshopper and catch a big mole cricket!” The little frog skipped quietly. The big mole cricket was really naughty. He saw the red frog coming and got into the mud without a sound.

The little frog was surprised and murmured: “What’s wrong, these bugs have become smart?” The little frog was busy for a while, but didn’t catch the bugs, alas, bad luck today!

Suddenly, there was a sound of “splashing, splashing” water, and the little frog turned around to take a look, and was stunned: “Oh, a big green snake is coming!” The big green snake held its head high, sticking out its tongue, thinking Devour little frogs.

The little frog was frightened and ran away desperately. He saw a pond in front of him and jumped down with a “plop”. The little frog was swimming in the pond, the red color on his body was washed away, and the original green clothes were restored. Only then did the little frog understand that he is all to blame, he loves to wear this red dress and exposes his target. It’s really conspicuous!

At this time, only a “plop” was heard, and the little frog woke up. It turned out that the mother frog jumped out of the pond and swam over.

“My child, what’s the matter with you?” the mother frog asked. The little frog replied: “Mom, the green clothes you wear for me are really good. They are exactly the same color as the grass. It is the best’protective color’. We must take good care of it.” The mother frog and the little frog croaked happily.

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