Green stars on ears

One night, there will be a concert in the forest, and the little squirrel will go to the stage to sing.

The little squirrel thought: To perform on stage, you have to dress up beautifully. How to dress up well?

The little squirrel came to the garden and saw the green grass. She thought: It must be beautiful to wear a small straw hat on her head. The little squirrel was about to pick the grass, and the grass cried, “Don’t pick me, don’t pick me, it hurts me!”

The kind little squirrel didn’t pick the grass and walked away. The little squirrel saw a rose again, and she thought: It must be beautiful to make a necklace with rose petals. The little squirrel was about to pick roses, and the roses cried, “Don’t pick me, it hurts!”

The kind little squirrel didn’t pick the roses and walked away.

At this time, there happened to be two fireflies hiding under a leaf. They said: “The green grass is where we play; the red rose is where we sleep. The little squirrel does not pick grass or flowers, she very nice.”

At night, the moon came out and the little squirrel went to the concert without dressing up.

The forest concert began. The first performer on stage was the little squirrel. As soon as the curtain was opened, all the audience in the audience was stunned: The little squirrel is so beautiful tonight! On her two pointed little flowers, there are two small green stars! The little squirrel has never been so beautiful!

The little squirrel sang so nicely, the stars all came out in the sky, and he blinked his eyes and listened quietly.

No one could tell that the green stars on the ears of the little squirrel were two fireflies. Even the little squirrel doesn’t know it.

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