Kittens eat walnuts

One day, the owner of the fruit shop was chatting with his wife. The wife looked at the fruit in the shop and said slowly, “Although the fruit is delicious, but I want to say that among the fruits on the tree, the most delicious Still walnuts!”

“Haha, the boss said with a smile, “I also like walnuts. The taste of walnuts is so good! ”

The kitten heard these words. I thought: Walnuts are the best, I haven’t eaten them yet! I must try it! “He jumped up and ran towards the garden.

The kitten found the walnut tree. “Teng Teng Teng!” He climbed up and picked off a green walnut. Take a bite happily.

“Oh! Bah!” He vomited out as soon as he took the first bite. “I also said that walnuts taste good, I really don’t know what they think! It’s so astringent, it’s too unpalatable!”

You see, it makes no sense for this kitten to scold so much. To eat walnuts, you must eat walnuts, not walnut skins!

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