Magic crystal ball

Once upon a time, there was a little rabbit. This little bunny wears two bow knots on his head, a scarf, a coat and a pair of brown shoes. Dress yourself up every day.

One day, the little rabbit walked out of the house.

The little rabbit came to the forest and saw a little girl sitting on the tree, wearing summer clothes. The little rabbit said, “Hello, little girl, are you cold?” The

little girl said, “I’m not cold at all, because I have put magic on my clothes, so I won’t be cold. Little rabbit, you want a crystal ball. Is it?” The little rabbit bowed and said, “Thank you, little girl.” The little girl turned into a crystal ball, and the crystal ball flew into the little rabbit’s hand. The little girl didn’t know where she went.

This crystal ball is round and pink, as bright as a star.

One day, the little rabbit heard a voice on the way home from school. The little rabbit listened carefully, and it turned out that someone was calling for help. The little rabbit hurried over. It turned out that the lion took the kitten away. Seeing that the kitten was about to be eaten, the little rabbit took out the crystal ball and said, “Let the little cat come to me.” In the blink of an eye, the little cat came to the little rabbit, and the little rabbit said, “Little cat, hurry up. The lion will soon We’re about to find us.” The kitten and the little rabbit started to run, somehow, their speed was several times faster than usual. Later, the two of them returned home without incident.

The little bunny went back to the room, held the crystal ball in his hand and said: “Crystal ball, crystal ball, do you have magic?” The crystal ball said: “Hello little rabbit. The little girl cast a magic on me, I can help you. Otherwise I’m an ordinary crystal ball.” The little rabbit said: “You can talk.” The crystal ball said: “Yes.” The little rabbit said: “Can you get hot?” The crystal ball said: “Yes “The crystal ball became hot.

When the little bunny woke up the next day, he found that the crystal ball beside him had become more beautiful. Later, the little rabbit told everyone that her crystal ball had magic, and they asked her for help.

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