Mouse family

There are many, many little mice living in the big woods. They are very small and most of them are very cute. Because they live in the woods, people use them as forest rats.

Have you met them? That kind of cute little animal. They are brown, gray, and white. Because they hide very well, you will not often see them in the woods.

They are a little afraid of adults and children. Because for them, all humans are too big! These scary behemoths must be dangerous.

Of course, this is just the idea of ​​the mice. It is not easy for you to find the little mice, but they are there! There may be one running under your feet. They will dug narrow tunnels everywhere, under the woods, under the floor of your house, everywhere.

The rats in the big woods all go to a big house, and each of them has its own small room, and there are also several rooms for everyone to use together. You can’t see their house from the outside. The house is under the ground. It was dug by the rats themselves. They named it Big Mouse Hole!

The mice are playing outside now, they are having fun! When it gets dark, they return to the hole very quickly, and now, you can’t see a mouse.

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