Mysterious little green house

On the big tree beside the rock, there are magpies watching all day long. Friends come to say “welcome” and strangers come to “chao”.

Rabbit Xiaobai came with a basket of small fish and shrimp, and the magpie cried, “Welcome Xiaobai to deliver food.”

Uncle Goat brought the potato pancakes, and the magpie cried, “Welcome Uncle Goat to deliver food.”

Aunt Niu brought a bottle of fresh milk, and the magpie cried, “Welcome Aunt Niu to deliver meals.”

Grandma came to walk the dog. The dog smelled something and ran behind the rock, making the magpie bark in a hurry.

The old grandma followed closely and found that the mother cat gave birth to a litter of kittens in the rock.

An eagle is flying in the sky, and he is scouting for prey. Ah, he saw the mother cat and her child hiding here!

The old lady looked at the eagle in the sky and felt it was dangerous, so she set up a green house and gave it to the mother cat’s family to live in.

With a small green house, you are not afraid of wind, rain, or eagles in the sky.

The kitten has grown up, and friends are here. Who is that? So the puppy came too, he even brought a fleshy bone to the mother cat!

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