Penguin giving gifts

Penguins live in the coldest place-Antarctica. He received a beautiful gift, which was sent by his good friend Xiao Xiong from the far north.

Penguin was very moved. He wanted to prepare a gift for the bear. What would he give? It’s best if you don’t have something in Bear’s hometown. When the penguin saw the big chunks of ice in the sea, he thought that it was still summer with the little bear. The little bear must be very hot, so he had an idea. So Penguin picked the best piece of ice and packed it up.

Penguin took this gift to see the bear. He sat on the boat day after day, the weather was getting hotter and hotter, and the penguin’s package was getting lighter and lighter. After a long, long walk, I finally got to the hometown of Little Bear.

Little Bear opened the gift and looked at it. Oh, the gift is gone-it turned out that the ice inside has melted away.

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