Sperm Whale vs. Big Octopus

Big octopus is a terrifying seabed monster. The giant octopus has a diameter of more than 3 meters and has eight tentacles. It specializes in preying on fish and crustaceans on the seabed.

On this day, a sailing boat was sailing in the Pacific Ocean, and the crew on board were eating lunch. Suddenly, the ship shook violently, and the crew broke down and hurriedly looked out the window. Ah, a big monster appeared beside the ship, stretched several soft and powerful arms and legs onto the deck, rolled over and swept over.

The captain yelled: “Octopus, giant octopus!” I saw the big octopus wrapped its eight tentacles around the sailboat, shaking and shaking, seeing that the big ship was about to fall apart. Everyone jumped off the sea and swam to the nearby islands. The big octopus disbanded the sailboat and quickly chased the escaped seamen. The last crew member was caught by a big octopus.

He took out a knife to fight the octopus hard. But the octopus is too big, and a knife stabbing it on its body won’t do much. The big octopus engulfed the crew member and quickly swam into the depths of the sea. Everyone was terrified and struggled to climb the island.

Suddenly, a huge column of water was lifted up on the sea, and suddenly the sea was rough. It turned out to be a huge sperm whale 20 meters long, with its huge mouth open, fighting fiercely with the big octopus just now. The big octopus threw away the crew and began to fight the sperm whale. The crew was saved.

Everyone was very excited and shouted: “Sperm whale! Revenge for us!” I saw the big octopus entwining the sperm whale with his eight arms and legs. Everyone was worried. The sperm whale suddenly jumped into the air more than ten meters high, and then hit the sea with a “slap”.

After several collisions, the big octopus was stunned and loosened his arms and legs. The sperm whale opened its huge mouth and swallowed half of the big octopus at once. In the cheers of the crew, the sperm whale carried the big octopus and returned to the depths of the sea.

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