The trumpet dragon has a horn. I heard that he brought this horn from his mother’s belly, and it blew loudly.

Trumpeters always carry this trumpet and blow wherever they go. “Tick Tick Tick Tick” blew loudly, don’t mention it!

However, the residents of Pumpkin Village covered their ears as soon as they heard blowing the trumpet, shouting: “It’s so terrible, I hate it!”

One day, the residents of Pumpkin Village heard that unpleasant sound again.

“Beep, beep—puff……”

It turned out that the trumpet dragon was blowing the trumpet again. This “puff” sound, of course, leaked while blowing the horn.

Because it does not blow well, the sound is particularly unpleasant.

Everyone said to the Trumpet Dragon: “You can’t listen to it.”

“I’ll play it again,” said the trumpet dragon.

“Bee-poh…” Now it leaked again.

The trumpeter said: “I’m sorry, it’s leaking again, but I will practice hard.”

Just like what it said, the Trumpet Dragon insists on practicing every day, whether it is morning, noon, or night, it is there to blow: “Bee-poh…”

This unpleasant sound makes everyone difficult to eat and sleep well.

The residents of Pumpkin Village finally couldn’t stand it. They said to the trumpeter: “If you want to live here, don’t play the horn! If you want to play the trumpet, don’t live here!”

The trumpet dragon looked at his trumpet and said slowly: “I think it is important to play the trumpet. It doesn’t matter where you live…”

As he said, the trumpet dragon waved to everyone, holding its trumpet, and walked into the mountains.

In this way, the trumpet dragon went to live in the mountains alone. In the gloomy mountains, he built a thatched house to live in.

In the mountains, there is no one, and the trumpet dragon blows the trumpet all day long.

“Tick, tick—”

Blow, blow, he thinks he is the horn, and he also thinks that the horn can say a lot of things that he can’t say in his heart.

Day by day passed, and the trumpet dragon was blowing better and better every day. It can blow clouds and dance with a trumpet, and it can blow stars and dance with a trumpet…

The sound of the trumpet dragon became more and more beautiful.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is here. The little animals in Pumpkin Village went outside to watch the moon.

It’s so quiet. At this time, there was a wonderful voice from afar. This kind of voice was so good that everyone was very moved.

Everyone walked towards the place where the sound was made, and went all the way into the mountains. It turned out that such a good sound came from a broken thatched hut, and the trumpet blowing in the broken thatched hut was the Trumpet Dragon. I didn’t expect that after such a period of time, the horns it played were already so good-sounding.

Trumpeter saw everyone, and found it strange. It asked: “What are you doing here?”

The old tortoise said: “Blowing the trumpet dragon, before, we should not drive you away. Now, we come to invite you to live in the pumpkin village. You can blow the trumpet every day.”

The Trumpeter looked at everyone and shook his head. It said: “I won’t go back.”

“Why?” Everyone was surprised.

The trumpet dragon said: “Because the pumpkin village is too noisy, I can’t play the trumpet well.”

Everyone was surprised. In the past, everyone thought the Trumpeter was noisy, but now it thinks we are noisy.

In the end, everyone had to go back.

There was a nice horn sound from behind.

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